Other Ten Percent 4/8/11

Apr 08 2011

One more week and then the hard part of my Masters degree is done and I can relax for a week…and then panic about getting the written portion done in time.

*Music* *Videos*
Death Cab for Cutie Music Video of the Day
You know, I’ve never really liked Death Cab enough to have gotten excited when I heard they were doing a live music video in one take but having actually seen the thing now I kinda have to hand it to them. You had me at blatantly stealing dance moves from the Let Forever Be video guys and the weird lighting crap was just gravy.

*Education* *New York*
Skill Share
You know, once I figured out these cost money and are really only in New York right now I was going to skip them to save myself time but then I saw this class and honest to God Jane pitched THIS EXACT IDEA to me not 3 weeks ago.

*Education* *The Future*
Digital Inflections: Visions for the Posthuman Future
You know, if you just post a weird enough title for something I’ll take it on faith that I should post it on OTP.

*Comics* *Art*
Three Panels: Paul Sizer
You know, I’ve really been enjoying these Three Panel posts over on Warren Ellis’s blog. They’re nice little stylistic experiments in general but this one specifically is head and shoulders above the others in terms of quality.

*New York* *Theater*
How To Book A Room At The McKittrick Hotel
You know, I had figured out that the April Fools day post last week from Scouting NY WAS an April Fools day post but I hadn’t figured out what the pictures were actually from. Turns out they’re from the awesome and awesomely weird Sleep No More interactive theater show thingy that Suzan won’t shut up about. You guys should all go.

*Games* *Economics*
World Bank: gold farming (etc) paid poor countries $3B in 2009
You know, I’m bored with this starting everything with you know thing now and I’m sure it’s gotten pretty grating for everybody at this point. Anyway the scale and weirdness of Gold Farming just keeps scaling up.

*Music* *Locative Art*
Location-aware album gives Washington DC dynamically modified soundtrack
I’m expecting a full report from Josie once this App goes live.

*Music* *Time Travel*
Watch the Awesome Fight for Your Right Revisited Trailer
Did I already post about how totally crazy this Beastie Boys short film was when I first heard about it last year? Because I feel like I did. Anyway if I didn’t that link has a nice refresher and the really rad trailer.

*Art* *Fabric*
Opera house’s fabric curtain looks like crumpled aluminum foil
I am a big fan of Computer Assisted Looms. That is all.

Webcomics Roundup
Over in Nedroid Bartholomew continues to be the best cat with the best comics.


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