Other Ten Percent 4/6/11

Apr 06 2011

I got new boots in the mail today you guys! …That was the most exciting part of my day. So let’s just move on.

*Crafts* *Games*
NES IRL Of The Day
Oh great I found the perfect wedding gift AFTER Chris got married.

*History* *Spies*
Peter Paul Rubens, the painting spy
Okay between this and Marlowe I am continuously amazed that nobody has stolen my artists as super-spies premise thing already.

*History* *Science Fiction*
Where did steampunk come from?
SPOILER: It came from the past.

*Architecture* *Lies*
Hypothetical Development Organization’s real estate fictions
When I am an eccentric millionaire I’m going to go ahead and make all of these things a reality.

*Computers* *Video*
I’m starting to think the singularity was like two years ago and we’re just two stupid to have noticed. Seriously, at least once a month I come across something that strikes me as a 2020 technology and totally weirds me out. This one weirds me out on a few other levels actually.

*Games* *Video*
Weapon Of Choice Of The Day
Guys I cannot wait for the week after my creative project. Portal 2 is coming out and Dr. Who is coming back and I may just have free time for both of those things and YAY.

*Alcohol* *The Internet*
Smart Wine Shop
I want to go to there.

*Augmented Reality* *Games*
Does it ever weird you guys out that our kids are going to be playing with stuff like this all the time and find it totally normal?

Webcomics Roundup
I really love Octopus Pie but it so rarely has a good stand alone strip that’s funny enough to post on its own. TODAY THEY HAD ONE.


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