Other Ten Percent 4/26/10

Apr 26 2010

So how’s everybody’s weekend been? I’ve spent my weekend pretending to be a graduate biology student for io9. I’m thinking of getting a celebratory lab-coat when this is all over. But of course I’m ALWAYS thinking of that. Time for some internets.

*Video Games* *Gay Rights*
Metroid’s Samus Aran Speaks out About Gay Marriage
Sensible advice from a female bounty hunter in a power armor suit.

*Subways* *Digging*
Some Serious Equipment
So they’re at least actually digging a big hole for the Second Ave. subway so that’s something. But I’m mostly posting this because William Gisbon referred to this as “God’s typewriter head” and I can’t stop laughing at how accurate that is.

*Sound* *Super-Powers*
Yes You Can Levitate Objects With Sound
You know, most of my album title suggestions are jokes but if somebody doesn’t end up using this as an album title before I die I will be genuinely angry.

*Books* *Art*
A Cover Story
Ignore the “hurpa-durp e-books are ruining everything” blurb at the start of the article. It kinda loses it’s rhetorical force when you realize you’re looking at these awesome covers on the internet.

*Children’s Books* *Theory*
Werner Hertzog Reads Where’s Waldo
I am never going to get tired of this formula. I realize how easy it is to do but I laugh every time.

*Television* *History*
Twin Peaks Twenty Years Later
If you guessed that it’s kinda depressing, YOU’RE RIGHT!

*Disaster* *History*
The Prison Cell of the Man Who Lived Through Doomsday
History is so so very awesome sometimes. This story has everything: booze, explosions, even a circus!

*Space* *DIY Tech*
Open Source Satellites at Machine Project, Sunday April 25th
The accompanying sketch is a totally accurate representation of how happy I would be to be rocking out with my own satellite.

*Architecture* *Mazes*
The Switching Labyrinth
Oh man a BLDGblog post about mazes. Mazes that constantly shift in reaction to those who travel through it! Oh man, I cannot tell you how much of a nerd I am for this post.

Webcomics Roundup
Fire everyone at DC comics and let Kate Beaton write Aquaman.

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