Other Ten Percent 3/31/11

Mar 31 2011

So I did a lot of reading today and some work but almost none of it was on the internet this seems legit since the internet was super depressing today. Like 5 different hairpin articles where the punchline is “and then nobody found love and everything was terrible.” A lot of news stories about how fucked Japan is and even most of my favorite webcomics were kinda bleh. What I’m saying is I went out of my way to find ONLY things that were hilarious and fun…and then I added in video of the New York subway system in the 80’s because I couldn’t resist.

*History* *Sport*
Monkeys Race in Tiny Cars
I think we all sometimes wished that we lived in a simpler age when you didn’t have to be concerned with cruelty to animals and you could simply have moneys race in tiny cars while wearing awesome outfits.

*Kinect* *Japan*
Kinect dives into anime cyberspace, dares you to catch cute robot tanks (video)
You know I was going to skip this for its terrible Ghost in the Shell references until I realized this was an actual honest to God Ghost in the Shell based immersive AR system which is some next-level meta cultural tech marketing shit right there. A high-tech interactive virtual reality display about an anime about high-tech interactive virtual reality.

*Animals* *Music*
Sing-Along Song of the Day
It’s the increasing annoyance that really makes the joke. That and the fact that they actually stop it before it gets old unlike so many online comedy videos.

*Video Games* *Infographics*
Games Played In The 1980′s
A variation on a joke that’s been done before, but still funny enough to get its own post.

*The Future* *Cyborgs*
Blood simple circuitry for cyborgs
I know that these sorts of stories are more useful for inspiring fiction that actually predicting the future but man this is a comfortably weird future for me.

*Comedy* *Video*
This Is Funny, You Should Watch It of the Day
Okay you’ve got to give this one some warm-up time but it actually stays funny.

*Advertising* *Comedy*
Awkward Stock Photos
I have to look at so many stock photos for work. They are all this weird once you start looking at them for long enough.

*History* *Transportation*
New York Subway in 1986
I do not know that The Warriors was basically a docu-drama.


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