Other Ten Percent 3/30/11

Mar 30 2011

So unlike the last few days there’s a whole heck of a lot of internet going on today so much in fact I have 11 links today (14 if you count embedded ones) and, in what can only be a startling coincidence, I had kind of a boring day for the first time in a while so why don’t we just get right to the internet.

*Comedy* *Music*
Sexy Sax Man Prank
Because there were a LOT of comedy videos that came out today I was looking at them all with a pretty skeptical eye. So I was looking for this one to get old pretty quickly and it basically never did.

*Investigation* *Industrialization*
Forensic Geology
The means of production as a way to visualize the invisible web of material gathering behind our technological infrastructure. BLDGBlog’s ability to just churn out idea after idea that’s on the cutting edge of shit I wish I’d thought of continues to amaze me.

*The Future* *The Past*
Our forgotten futures, now immortalized on paper!
Man for a dying medium there was sure a lot of magazine news today between this and Coilhouse going digital.

*Architecture* *Transportation*
How-To: Ship An Obelisk
OTP: More vital information for your every day life than 5 Laurie Beth Denbergs. In more depressing news I can spell Laurie Beth Denberg’s name correctly without googling it but still confuse effect and affect.

*Architecture* *Transportation*
Ghost pub stations in London to become bars and concerthalls
And London suddenly pulls WAAAAY ahead in the coolest metropolitan center contest.

*Conversations* *Empathy*
Don’t Do This No. 2: Validating With Purpose
It is shocking how useful this article would have been for me at any point in the last five years…actually let’s just extend that out to eight years…actually let’s just extend that to my whole life.

*Science* *Lies*
New book will illuminate the endless wonders of fake science for you
FINALLY, a tumblr book deal we can all feel good about.

*Comedy* *Video*
Awesome Celebrity Is Awesome of the Day
Guys at what point did my thinly veiled man-crush on Donald Glover stop even being thinly veiled anymore? Because I feel like it was basically forever ago at this point. I mean first off the dude is hilarious, he also actually knows how to dress himself, does about 738 things at once the way I always want to but (totally unlike me) actually does really well at ALL of them, apparently gets to go to every major Kanye show the way I want to and is super awesome to fans and lets them do routines from Community with him just for kicks.

*DIY Tech* *Japan*
Hackerspace Happenings: MAKE Interviews Tokyo’s Akiba
Nobody will listen to me but I’m pretty certain this is the best tech journalism I’ve seen in weeks. The reason nobody will listen to me though is that this is really long and the person doing the brilliant journalism is actually the interviewee and not the interviewer. Anyway read what is accidentally the most intelligent piece on hackerspaces, the hacker ethos, and disaster that exists on the net.

*Comics* *Depression*
Peanuts without the last panel turning the comic into really depressing ruminations on the nature of life. I totally forgot to blog this yesterday. Or maybe it just gave me such an existential crisis that I lost the will to blog it. I forget how that works actually. Weirdly the newest one as I write this, with Charlie Brown writing a foreign pen-pal, is actually super hilarious without the last panel.

Webcomics Roundup
Dinosaur Comics was pretty good today but I’m actually blogging this because of all the sweet merch you guys should totally look down and get like a free prediction of the way you’ll die and, not listed there, the dinosaur comics dry-erase boards that are back in stock and which I bought for awesome note/comic action.


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