Other Ten Percent 3/29/11

Mar 29 2011

Man, today was not really a day of much many internets which is fine because it WAS a day with a lot of work going on. So why don’t we get right on down to brass tacks and look at some links. LINKS FROM THE INTERNET.

*Games* *God*
Browser Game Pick: From Beyond (The Super Flash Bros)
I like fictional things where God is just a total dick. It matches up with my basic cosmic misanthropy.

*News* *Death*
The Kill Team
So this is basically the worst thing in the world and makes me hate everything. …I’m realizing that wasn’t a very good pitch. Okay so I’m not going to take that first sentence back but I am going to say that you sort of have to read it anyway.

*Animals* *Comedy*
Bronx Zoo’s Cobra Twitter Feed
To congratulate you on making it through that last entry I’d like to give you the gift of the single most hilarious thing on the internet.

*Television* *Cartography*
Check out David Lynch’s Original Map of Twin Peaks
I can never quite figure out where the line is between David Lynch being genuinely insane and him just fucking with people and knowing he can get away with it because he’s David Lynch. Sometimes he’s so weird I think that he’s just like Andy Kaufman only he never lets on its a bit.

*Video Games* *Art*
Jeff Koons Must Die: ’80s arcade game themed art piece in which you shoot Koons’ work
I really want to go play this.

*Parties* *Tech Industry*
Colors.xxx Launch Party at New Work City
Finally somebody has out high-concepted me in the party department and I LOVE it.

Webcomics Roundup
Nedroid knows how to tell the future.


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