Other Ten Percent 3/28/2011

Mar 28 2011

Okay so Dreamhost is being super irritating and broken and I am not the biggest fan of it right now so if you’re getting this late it’s not because I didn’t write it before midnight it’s because I didn’t have a website to send it from. Music video party last night went really well. Not the hugest turn out in history but those that did show up seemed to enjoy themselves. Here is the playlist for the curious I think it’s one of the better ones I’ve ever come up with though the ordering was mostly Jane’s and it helps a lot. Anyway, on to the regular type links.

*Augmented Reality* *Videos*
Design Fiction: Augmented Reality Visor Concept – Medley
Bruce Sterling can’t not blog it and I can’t not reblog it.

*Sound* *Architecture*
House Music
Get it? It’s a hilarious pun to intro a really weird audio think piece from BLDGblog.

*Shopping* *The Internet*
Oh man. Buying stuff online and infographics together at last.

*The Internet* *History*
Ze Frank Recaps the Show Episodes Five Years Later
This is actually strangely fascinating. Just wait until I start recapping old OTPs.

*History* *Steampunk*
Geomantic Instrument Egypt or Syria 1241 CE
Man Suzan posted this saying it was steampunk before steampunk existed and it TOTALLY IS.

*Information* *The Internet*
I Always Wondered
Finally answers to all the vital questions in your life.

*Photography* *Fun*
Top 20 Ultimate Ways to Use a Disposable Camera
In case you guys were looking for some fun weekend projects and wanted to remind yourself why Kodak is still a company at the same time.

Webcomics Roundup
Kate Beaton presents the adventures of Tiny Hermione. Tiny Hermione is the smartest.


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