Other Ten Percent 3/25/11

Mar 25 2011

Guys! I actually found time today to do something for my own enjoyment! I’ve been playing this and it is super awesome. I highly recommend it if you have an iPad and if you have an iPhone I will give you a heads up next month when they release the iPhone version. Now for other links.

*Typography* *Photography*
NYC Type
Sure the typography nerd thing is getting old but if you make it a signage thing it’s totally still cool.

*New York* *History*
Weekend Homework: Help Me Find These Locations!!
Sure it’d be great if we could help Scouting NY out but I’m mostly posting this because it’s accidentally a peek into how they figure this stuff out and that’s awesome.

*Video Games* *Crafts*
HOWTO make a pixelated trash can
Totally want to get myself one of these.

*Archeology* *History*
Humans arrived in North America 2,500 years earlier than thought
You can file this simultaneously under “kind of a big deal” and “nobody cares” good news everybody the date for white people discovering america is still pretty much stable.

*Comics* *San Francisco*
The Comic Book Guide to the Mission
My friend Lauren Davis (I’ve linked like 30 things from her from io9 at this point) edited this and I went to the launch party a few weeks back. It’s a super fun little comic and I’m really happy it made laughing squid. Interested parties should totally pick this up.

*Comedy* *Star Wars*
Troopers takes you inside the life of a Death Star Stormtrooper
Aubrey Plaza and Michael Cera should hang out and chat about having one specific schtick you do so well that nobody lets you do anything else.

*Movies* *Color*
Movie bar codes
Singin’ In the Rain is surprisingly Purple.

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