Other Ten Percent 3/24/11

Mar 24 2011

It’s link time people. Link Time on Link Island, A new movie staring Link from the Legend of Zelda games with a soundtrack by Linkin park about the life of Abraham Li…you know what I’m bored with this joke now. Let’s look at links.

*Economics* *Physics*
The speed of light could turn the middle of the ocean into a stock-trading center
The more boring the general populous finds something the more incredibly bizarre it tends to be. I can’t think of something more likely to cause people to just sleep spontaneously than the intersection of economics and physics and yet what goes on at that intersection is INSANELY WEIRD. High speed commodities training is probably going to start having to account for relativistic effects pretty soon.

*History* *Death*
Murder in the Time of Cholera
That is a terrible headline but the story itself about a 19th century coverup of the murder of 50 some people and the recent discovery of that coverup is actually awesome.

*Art* *Literature*
Jim Tierney’s great designs for Jules Verne novels
I was going to say that graphic design this great could save the publishing industry but I can’t even type that with a straight face. Still, it’s really good design.

*The Internet* *Film*
The rich visual filmmaking of The Social Network
I will post basically anything about this movie.

*The Internet* *Funding*
Kickstarter Profiled In Wired Magazine
I know I’m not exactly the first person to the table on thinking that Kickstarter is awesome but I sorta can’t get over how big a deal it is actually.

*Video Games* *Life*
Score Coins Like Mario, But In Real Life
Words I have been waiting to read since I was 3 years old.

*Comics* *Books*
Lois Lane, Girl Reporter
Man I would have read (and still would) the hell out of these. The only problem with Lois Lane is that she wasn’t Nancy Drew. PROBLEM SOLVED.

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