Other Ten Percent 3/23/11

Mar 23 2011

I got a lot done today actually but I want to be like “but at what cost” because I broke my two monogrammed tumbler glasses trying to do dishes and that gave me the sads in addition to the tireds. Anyway now let’s do this this link thing.

*Money* *Eccentricity*
Random Act Of Weirdness of the Day
For the record: this was not me. Though you’d be forgiven for thinking it was.

*Television* *Sads*
Mad Men Season Five Delayed
If they cancel Mad Men I think that I will legitimately never watch a TV show on an actual television ever again. Not so much a threat as just a statement of fact.

*Television* *Happy*
Venture Brothers renewed for two more seasons, with an animated short coming this summer!
On the other hand if Adult Swim’s online viewing options ever start to suck I might have to take that back.

*Animals* *Books*
Kraken: a new book about squid
If you keep giving them attention they’ll never go away!

*Cartography* *Art*
Luis Dourado
These are really really cool, if also a bit depressing in the context of Japan.

*Movies* *Magic*
Harry Potter wizards in other movies
I kinda want to sit down and watch all these movies and make them canon for the Harry Potter universe…I have weird hobbies.

*Television* *Art*
Photos of tube TVs being shut off
I like these both artistically and because they remind me of the intro to the outer limits TV show. Did you guys know that The Outer Limits was originally going to be called Please Stand By to try and sell the illusion that some clandestine force had taken over your television and that the network made them change it out of concern that this would make the audience FLIP THE FUCK OUT?

*Photography* *Recycling*
Dramatic Photos of Retired Subway Cars Being Tossed Into Ocean
Maybe the most direct and accurate title I’ve ever had on OTP.

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