Other Ten Percent 3/22/11

Mar 22 2011

Man I am TIRED tonight and I couldn’t really tell you why. Haha oh man I totally just realized that it was that I only got six hours of sleep last night and my day was so long that I was thinking that must have been some other night I was thinking of. I am a man with problems. I am also a man with links.

*History* *Cartography*
How Manhattan’s Grid Grew
I heart New York history.

*Navigation* *Cyborgs*
GPS Messenger Bag Bestows Bikers With A Better Sense Of Direction
There’s a whole group at Noisebridge dedicated to cyborg projects that add some sort of extra-sensory (in the non psychic sense) ability to people called Sensebridge and this seems like it would be right up their alley. I should really make friends with those guys in that mythical future where I have free time.

*Mysteries* *Audio*
CONET Project: spy “numbers stations” preserved at Archive.org
Man Numbers Stations are awesome. So awesome I didn’t even care how little sense the Fringe episode about them made (even by Fringe standards!) I was just thrilled somebody on TV was talking about Number Stations.

*History* *Guns*
Art Project of the Day: Historically Hardcore
I was going to cut this but I just can’t cut Teddy Roosevelt facts.

*Architecture* *Secrets*
Truth Windows
There’s a lot of shit I could say here about making the invisible visible and AR and the ideas behind these things but instead I’ll just say that Truth Windows sounds like Tracy Jordan’s term for insights and that I want to use it like that basically forever now. OTP: Giving you mad truth windows into the world.

*Comics* *Behind the Scenes*
HALF MOON With Mike Oeming: First Notes
First off: finally somebody’s putting the Mad Men fashion aesthetic into space, I thought we as a species were never going to figure that one out. Second off I’m really excited both by this project and by the generally open approach to it Ellis seems to be going for here.

*Art* *Play*
Billboard Converted Into A Swing Set
I want one. I’m kinda afraid of heights so I’d probably never use it, but I still want one.

*History* *Infographics*
Infographic of the Day: A History of the World in 100 Seconds
Not all that informative really but it’s certainly cool looking.

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