Other Ten Percent 3/18/11

Mar 18 2011

Aaaand my roommates just broke the internet. Let’s hope it comes back on before midnight as I type this up on a text editor. [editor: spoiler alert, it did] Anyway, here are some links.

*Art* *That’s It*
Edward Kwong
Let’s start off with this which I just think looks pretty.

*Superheroes* *The Internet*
Intertubes Are Leaking Of The Day
And the single greatest superman joke in the history of the world is officially official.

*Television* *Comedy*
NBC Renews ‘The Office,’ ‘Parks and Rec,’ ‘Community’
Just as the last link redeemed comics for another year this one means that television doesn’t suck for another 365 days.

*Newspapers* *The Internet*
How To Keep Reading the NY Times For Free
The New York TImes put up a paywall again it seems. Given that it took about 2 minutes for people to figure out a workaround I’m sure this’ll go really well.

*Space* *Weather*
Rains of Titan
Man I want to go hang out in space now. It seems way less depressing than earth.

*Writing* *Time*
On Expectations (And A Writer’s Lack Of Same)
I love it when The Awl gets bitchy and I can actually agree with it.

*Lovecraft* *Interior Design*
Adam Wallacavage’s tentacled, curious, and creepy chandeliers
My dream of an entirely betentacled living room marches ever closer.

*Games* *Narrative*
Augmented Reality: The Witness, 13th Street Universal
I’d thought this was just for me when I saved the link yesterday but the more I look at it the more I think all of you might enjoy it.

Webcomics Roundup
Kate Beaton does some awesome composer comics.

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