Other Ten Percent 4/22/10

Apr 22 2010

I am grading paper do do do do do. It’s so fun do do do do do. …That’s catchier when you actually here me sing it. …Okay not really.

*Architecture* *Art*
City Settlements
I have no idea what these are supposed to be but they look super cool.

*Television* *The Occult*
Lost Tarot Cards Deal out the Castaways Past Present and Future
I’m getting kinda sick of Lost fan projects but I really like the art on these.

*Architecture* *Construction*
The Foundations of Rockefeller Center
FUN FACT: Building foundations look really cool when they’re actually large buildings.

*The Internet* *Timekeeping*
Cuckoo Clock Shows the Tweets
This week’s stupidest project that I love.

*History* *Utopias*
Epcot Center’s Early History
Oh man I love Epcot, it’s retro-futurism that’s never allowed to admit it’s retro.

*The Underseas* *Biology*
Bacterial Mat the Size of Greece Found on Pacific Floor
Weirded out.

*Wrestling* *Science Fiction*
Santo, the Mexican Wrestler Who Fought Aliens, Nazis and Vampires
I wish I had something to add to this but it’s already too insanely awesome.

*Sports* *Psychology*
Insanely Great at Ultra Endurance Races
This dude runs so hard for so long he literally goes insane from it. HE LITERALLY GOES INSANE.

*Magic* *Science*
Rudy Coby at the Magic Castle in Lost Angeles, April 26 – May 2
I never thought I’d say this but I really wish I was in LA for a week or two.

Webcomics Roundup
Diesel Sweeties is judged unfairly.

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