Other Ten Percent 2/28/11

Feb 28 2011

Hey so it is the weekend for me and HOORAY for that. Let’s look at some links on the internet since it’s Monday for you and BOOOO for that.

*Video Games* *Videos*
More Swords, More Sworcery
So I continue to have no idea what this game is actually about but I want it.

*Video* *Crafts*
Blacksmiting Tutorial
Girls blacksmithing is the new girls reading.

*Music* *Video*
Freaks and Geeks
I’m lukewarm on the track itself but I continue to find Donald Glover’s rap career fascinating and awesome much like his dancing in this video.

*Fashion* *Military History*
Dazzle Camouflage for Faces
I was five seconds from having that idea.

*Infographics* *The Internet*
The World is Obsessed with Facebook
It’s true and so much less terrifying with a cool video like this.

*Art* *That’s it Really*
Sander Taal
I just think the first one of these looks awesome. I mean they’re all pretty awesome but specifically the first one is why I posted this.

Webcomics Roundup
Wonderella has the best villains.

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