Other Ten Percent 2/25/11

Feb 25 2011

Man I am TIRED tonight and it is supposed to snow here in the next few days and it’s like WHAT? Since when does that happen? …thank you for reading this first draft of my new one man show “the worst standup.”

*Music* *Television*
Björk Explains How TVs Work
All educational television should be like this…actually just replace all educational television with this on repeat.

*Animation* *Children*
I have no idea but I still like it.

*Architecture* *Revolution*
How urban planning accidentally created the perfect space for protest in Egypt’s Tahrir Square
The interaction between geography and psychology is weird.

*Augmented Reality* *Art*
Augmented Reality: ManifestAR artists rally to the colors
It’s really weird to see new media projects where you kinda had to be there in a literal physical sense.

*History* *Sex*
Older mistresses are so grateful!!
Ben Franklin everybody. It is a wonder he ever found time to talk about anything besides boning chicks and how cool he thought turkeys were.

*Augmented Reality* *Dance*
Replica, An Interactive Dance performance Projected on a Giant Screen
I have never before been so pissed I didn’t do something first. I think I have mentioned projection mapping, trying to do something with dance and AR and Kanye enough times that I’m basically the Marconi of this thing.

*The Internet* *Ideas*
The Internet Wishlist, A Suggestion Box For the Future of Technology
But if it’s my fate to be the kind of person who thinks of more things than he does then I guess I’m glad I have an outlet now.

*Augmented Reality* *Shyness*
Augmented Reality: Tonchidot Domo
Man speaking of ideas I’ve been wishing for for years. I wish I could be at SXSW this year just so I could see this thing explode into use and then peter out for 2-3 years before the rest of the world catches on. Between Twitter and 4Square launching down there it’s like everybody down there catches the future for a week and then sleeps it off.

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