Other Ten Percent 2/24/11

Feb 24 2011

So I am trying to get this done during lunch on my iPad and MAN if you have a wireless keyboard it’s WAY less annoying. Let’s see if that keeps up during the copy/pasting. UPDATE: Fine except it kept crashing iPad posting is just not viable.

*Science* *Amalgamation*
Highlights From AAAS
Did you guys know that all of the scientists are having their big science convention for science? WELL THEY ARE. And here is everything you could possibly want to know about it.

*Movies* *Television*
House Spoofs Pulp Fiction
Want to know why I don’t miss watching House? People are sure to post the three interesting minutes of an episode if there are 3 interesting minutes.

*Self-Improvement* *Psychology*
The OK Plateau
More evidence that the trifecta of self-improvement, gaming, and feedback systems that I’ve been running around in is going places. I’ve got a new project I’ve been kicking around the last few days that’ll probably be ready for public consumption in a few weeks.

*San Francisco* *Brands*
Cherished Coca-Cola “ghost sign” must go, say Frisco bureaucrats
Between this and them shutting down Fat Cookie how can I ever trust this town again?

*Video Games* *Documentaries*
100 Yen, a Documentary About Video Game Arcades In Japan
It’s video game documentary week here on OTP.

*History* *Nature*
The Weirdest Animal Expert Who Ever Lived
Oh my God this is my new favorite historical figure. Sorry James K. Polk.

*Augmented Reality* *Video*
Augmented Reality: Tigrelab, “Making of Premis Gaudi”
I want so badly for this Bruce Sterling vision of the future to be accurate.

*Video games* *History*
The Evolution of Video Game Controllers
I know I’ve done 3 things almost exactly like this before. Don’t even care.

*Movie* *History*
The 50 Greatest Opening Title Sequences of all Time
Feel free to have this consume your day.

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