Other Ten Percent 2/23/11

Feb 23 2011

Man so I switched back to running in the morning this morning and now I am FREAKING EXHAUSTED. Wooooo. Anyway here are some links, tracking back Daily What and BoingBoing links continues to be a fun project, hopefully by the end of the week I can take them off my RSS reader or at least link them slightly less.

*Work* *Apocalypse*
A job application for restarting the human race after the nuclear apocalypse
You know what was weird? The Cold War. Incisive and original historical commentary on OTP this week.

*Romance* *Video Games*
Kiss Controller lets you play a bowling game with your tongue… while it’s in someone else’s mouth (video)
What is with Engadget being down on awesome ideas this week? I mean as a pick-up line the controller itself is obviously terrifying but the pick-up line isn’t getting somebody to use it with you: it’s building it. And that’s commitment to the bit that you can take to the bank. The make-out bank. Which is a real thing I did not just make up.

*Feminism* *Video*
Little Girl Thinks She Doesn’t Want to Get Married — But What If He Comes Running Out?
Guys meet the best little girl in the entire world.

*Science Fiction* *Booze*
Beer in Manhattan
I think this is just for me because none of you guys care about Charlie Stross enough to want to meet him in person. Still, I think this is cool.

*Conversation* *Art*
Steve Will Talk with Anyone
I think the part of this that I love is that he has some prepared questions just in case you don’t have anything you want to talk about and they are all SURE FIRE CONVERSATION STARTERS.

*Fashion* *Comedy*
What is a Gentleman?
I really need to get around to watching Mystery Team. Also the first 12 seconds of video is screwed up but stay with it.

*Music* *The Internet*
Lykke Li- Wounded Rhymes
I am kinda shocked by how well upbeat Lykke Li works. Especially given that the first singles did not impress me much. Try Rich Kid Blues into Sadness Is a Blessing if you’re in a hurry and don’t want to stream the whole album.

Webcomics Roundup
Natasha Allegri knows how to party.

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