Other Ten Percent 2/22/11

Feb 22 2011

I’m trying to get back into doing these earlier in the day since I remember liking OTP more when I did that. That means we’re coming up a little short today in terms of links but I still feel pretty good about what we do have.

*Music* *Analysis*
Datamining Hip-Hop’s History
One of two kickstarter projects I’m highly recommending today and I feel like the one the OTP audience should (and will) pay more attention to since the other one is about a video game.

* Crowd-sourcing* *Photography*
Photo Montages Created From Hundreds of Tourist Snapshots
These are sorta strangely hypnotic for non-moving images.

*Nature* *Music*
Animal Beatbox
So many Llamas!

*Games* *Video*
Minecraft: The Story of Mojang
I am referencing 2 Player Productions again and this time it isn’t just to confuse Jenn De La Vega it’s because they are getting funding together to do a full length documentary about the guy that created Minecraft and the first year of the development studio he started with the profits from it.

*Fashion* *Accessories*
More Umbrella Options
One tab a day will be one that nobody but me will have interest in but I just can’t close. I think that’s a good balance. Have a link with a black watch plaid umbrella I keep staring at.

*Science* *Disasters*
The Man Who Stuck his Head in a Particle Accelerator
Somebody should collect people that have super hero origin stories happen to them like this…I guess somebody does do that indirectly though and that’s me.

*Flight* *Photography*
Japanese Photographer Takes Self Portraits of Herself Levitating
This is adorable. It has been an adorable day.

Webcomics Roundup
Another Laserpony comic reminds us that it hasn’t just been any kind of adorable day though, it has been an adorable Presidents Day.

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