Other Ten Percent 2/21/11

Feb 21 2011

Hey guys! I hope you enjoyed my vacation as much as I enjoyed it. A lot has happened since we last spoke, I am 26, I have a bike and I have applied for a job at PCWorld that I feel pretty good about my chances for. But as a result of all that stuff I have torn down my RSS reader but I haven’t really rebuilt it yet. So welcome to a kind of weird week of OTP. Today should be okay because I’ve got a week of content to work with but things could get crazy soon. Anyway enough about what’s different let’s take a look at some of the stuff that’s still the same.

*History* *Advertising*
A Map of Chicago’s Phantom Signs for Vanished Businesses
I am still fascinated by maps and also history.

*Radio* *Beverages*
This American Life Discover’s Coke Secret Formula
I continue to like secrets and also public radio.

*Productivity* *Comics*
XKCD’s productivity tip: reboot your computer every time you get bored
I continue to be fascinated by productivity hacks while being totally unproductive (I am going to try this once I finish torrenting a few more things I swear.

*Augmented Reality* *Opera*
The Mets Upcoming Opera to Boast Flasses Free 3D Effects that Nobody Requested
I continue to be fascinated by technology use in the arts, especially in live productions (Engadget’s cynicism about this can suck it by the way this sounds AWESOME.) it seems like there’s a lot of this kind of stuff making the rounds lately.

*Fashion* *Humor*
Rumors I’ve Heard About Anna Wintour
The Hairpin continues to be just killing it lately.

*Augmented Reality* *Mirrors*
I continue to post cool shit mostly just because I have projects I will get around to someday using them. Long story short I have a lot of narrative uses for a mirror that can play any video file.

*Music* *History*
Beatles Mockumentary from 3126
The Present keeps being weird (but awesome) about the future.

*Video Games* *Literature*
What if The Great Gatsby was a surreal Nintendo game circa 1989?
The present keeps being weird (but awesome) about the past.

*Video* *Animation*
Showtime: Black Liquid by Dmitry Zakharov
The present keeps being weird (but awesome) in general.

Webcomics Roundup
The Laserpony collaborative comics made by Emmy Cic and the dude from Nedroid continue to be the best comics.

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