Other Ten Percent 2/11/11

Feb 11 2011

Man so it is a pretty solid NBC thursday night comedy block tonight people. All the ones that are ever funny are in top form. The internet however continues to chug along at 70% or so. Let’s see what we’ve got though because we do still have some solid links.

*Magic* *Graphic Design*
Early 20th Century Magic Posters
Am I supposed to be embarrassed about liking stuff like this? I’ve been doing this for so long I can’t even tell anymore.

*Movies* *Anonymity*
Oscars Grapple With Banksy Problem
I want him to come up with a crazy mask or a veil or something like take some award accepting lessons from that chick from The Knife.

*Film* *History*
100 GREATEST POSTERS of FILM NOIR! Top 10! This is it!
Second posters from history post of the day and I just don’t care. This stuff is just awesome.

*Movies* *Comics*
X-Men: First Class Trailer
Man, kinda bitchy hot blonde chicks who stand around during the Cuban Missle Crisis is a really specific thing for January Jones to be typecast as. Also I’m kinda shocked how much I liked this trailer given how few fucks I am giving about Green Lantern and Captain America.

*History* *Reporting*
Blog to read: NYT’s “Disunion”
I feel like maybe I already suggested it and I then forgot about it but I spent like an hour and a half reading this stuff today. It is FASCINATING.

*The Internet* *Literature*
Hand-sewn, hyperlinked book is a thing of beauty, and a joy for several minutes
I like mashup up the wrong form with the wrong function.

*Muppets* *Comedy*
Lost Sign of the Day
I want this to be part of the best viral marketing campaign in history and not just some guy who’s funnier than me.

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