Other Ten Percent 2/10/11

Feb 10 2011

Maybe it’s just that I didn’t get any sleep last night but man it totally feels like a slow day on the internet.

*Augmented Reality* *Utilities*
Encode location data in the surface of manhole covers, help robots find their way
Okay this isn’t really AR but I do think AR is going to need all the ways to establish location that it can find so really weird and fascinating ways to establish exactly where you are are fascinating to me. Also of interest is how weirdly local lore this is for a software database idea and the number of “the street finds its own uses for things” jokes you can do here.

*Art* *Science Fiction*
Jules Verne, the Man Who Invented the Future
I was going to pick a favorite one of these but I kinda can’t they’re all great.

*The Internet* *Blogging*
Ghost Blogging
I kinda scanned this today and thought it seemed fascinating but I mostly put this here because I feel like I need my brain firing on more cylinders to really unpack it.

*History* *Gender*
Women “Computers” of WWII
I’ve always seen this stuff obliquely referenced in the WWII Cryptography stuff I run across and want to know more about it. Now I can!

*Television* *History*
The Complete Oral History of Party Down
I like that this reads like people chilling after a fairly short run of a really good theater production.

*Design* *Sound*
99% Invisible: podcast on the power of design
Aaaaaaaaand added to my podcasts in iTunes

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