Other Ten Percent 4/21/10

Apr 21 2010

Hi everybody! I should have gotten more work done today. Oh well, now I have to do work better tomorrow. Also what the hell internet? I have like 8 links I’m going to post on Twitter over the next day or two because Jesus Christ there was so much stuff I had to cut from OTP today. Anyway, let’s get to the stuff I DIDN’T cut.

*History* *Design*
Home Decorating
Oh man the 1970’s you guys. Oh man.

*Publishing* *Art*
Performance Journalism
If you can’t be with the business model you love, love the business model you’re with.

*History* *Design*
The EMD Guide to Food From the 1950s: Introduction and Kitchens of the Future
Oh man you guys, the 1950’s too. Oh man.

*Weather* *Art*
Windcuts: Generating 3D Forms From Wind Movement Data
Pretty data is pretty.

*Watches* *Design*
Devon Works Tread 1 is the Bulletproof Droid of Wristwatches (Video)
Can you guys knock some zeros off the price of this thing for me? Like…maybe all of the zeroes?

*Geography* *Lies*
The secret Underwater City in the Heart of Minnesota
Great tourist trap, or the GREATEST tourist trap?

*Architecture* *Public Spaces*
BIG Proposes a Sloping Green Roof for Quebec’s Beaux-Arts Expansion
I love it when buildings do this. I’ve seen like two of them in my life and they have both entertained me immensely.

*The Future* *Design*
Time Capsule Gallery
Once again I’m posting something that I find incredibly cool but I couldn’t really tell you why I think it’s so awesome.

*Animals* *Communication*
Messenger Dog
This on the other hand has all of my easy explainable favorites. Stupid cute animals, good design, and totally impractical and unnecessary technology.

Webcomics Roundup
Over in Dinosaur Comics, Utahraptor does a (hypothetical) good deed.

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