Other Ten Percent 3/1/2010

Mar 08 2010

Man, I have been TIRED all weekend. I do not know what that is about either. Am I maybe fighting crime in my sleep leaving me tired during the day? Possibly. Also I am maybe just getting over this cold I got like 2 and a half weeks ago. Also maybe I am just lazy. Here’s internet. [EDITOR’S NOTE: As I am sending this at 1am since I can’t sleep tonight my roommate has just gotten home and has begun humming to himself for no reason. Serial. Killer.]

*Computers* *Film Criticism*
Hello This is Me Speaking – Roger Ebert
Man, as Roger Ebert gets closer and closer to death I realize more and more how awesome he is. This is not a causal relationship that makes me feel very good about myself.

*Spam* *Art*
Turning Spam into Art
Technically these are sort of infographics. But they’re infographics of utterly useless information. And if that isn’t art I don’t know what is.

*Miniatures* *Obsessions*
Model of Herod’s Temple Continue’s to Grow After 30 Years
He has spent 33,000 hours on this project. That is…that is a lot of time.

*Space* *Wikipedia*
Wikipedia List of Every Landing Mankind Has Ever Made on Other Planetary Bodies
Wikipedia really needs a concise list of all the bizarre crap you’d never expect to find on Wikipedia. Oh wait, they have one.

*Video Games* *Perspective*
I am sorry guys. This is too in Japanese to know what it is actually called. HOWEVER. I can describe it to you. It uses facial recognition to see what angle you’re looking at it from and then moves the perspective around correspondingly so it looks like you’re looking into an extra-dimensional box that the DS screens are just a window into…you know what just watch the video at the link.

*History* *Journalism*
On the Hunter: Seperating Fact from Fiction in “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas”
You know, the utter impossibility of this mixed with it’s vague pointlessness is exactly why I love it.

*Projection Mapping* *Art*
Augmented Sculpture
I realize we’ve added some new people since the last time my obsession with projection mapping came up. This is an especially awesome example of it however.

*Film* *Board Games*
5 (Imaginary) Movies About Your Favorite Childhood Games
I would watch all of these. Every single one of them. Which is ironic since I doubt I will see any of the board game movies that are ACTUALLY going to get made.

*Art* *Space*
Robert McCall
So Robert McCall died. You do not have any idea who Robert McCall is. Except probably you do, you just didn’t know that you do. Robert McCall did concept art for the space age that was really influential to NASA and he also did the concept art for 2001: A Space Odyssey.

*Computers* *Art*
Mouse Usage Visualization
I thought I’d already posted something like this for a second but according to my gMail searches of old Other Ten Percents that was either just my imagination or I never used the word “mouse” to describe it. FUN FACT: The only other time I seemed to have used mouse was a post last september called “Charles Bukowski Hated Mickey Mouse SO MUCH.”

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