Other Ten Percent 2/9/11

Feb 09 2011

Another day another set of links on the internet. I’m finding this way easier to do as I embrace just linking whatever I find fascinating but we still have a way to go before this stops feeling like a chore at all. Also, revelations of the day that I came to hanging with Jane: Robyn dances like if Jane, Josie, Jamie, Jenny and Lucy formed one dancer voltron Style and Eminem is basically the Gob Bluth of Music

*The Internet* *Music*
Baby Kanye
There were some other great tumblr’s and memes today most notably this here but this was the one that seemed to have legs even if the sip cup one is the only truly hilarious one.

*Computation* *Art*
Fractal Mondrian
I want an LCD just constantly zooming into this when I have my high-tech multi-million dollar modernist house.

*Love* *Statistical Analysis*
The Best Questions for a First Date
There’s some correlation =/causation errors in here but I still love all of these.

*Art* *Geography*
Fifty and Fifty: The State Mottos
So far Massachusetts is the clear winner but we are in on the ground floor here people.

*Movies* *Gender*
An Observation About CASINO ROYALE And James Bond
Warren Ellis figures out why Casino Royale is kinda my favorite Bond movie: there is some fucked up gender shit going on there. There are some interesting papers to be written about applying this theory to other non-standard Bond films. From Russia With Love has some new levels of homo-eroticism if you go with this.

*Film* *England*
Movie Trailer of the Day
Remember a few days ago when it turned out that Moss from The IT Crowd was kinda terrifyingly attractive? Turns out he’s also been waiting around to direct the British version of Rushmore.

*Privacy* *Mobile Tech*
FareBot: an Android transit-card sniffer
So did you know that it’s like really easy to pick most locks? Like it seriously took me an hour and a half to figure out the basic principles for it with no formal training whatsoever to the degree that I literally unlocked something behind my back and I doubt I had any real affinity for it. This is not me bragging…or not just me bragging. It is also to say that I wonder how much stuff like this which seems like it should be incredibly disruptive to the way we do business actually is disruptive and how much what we think of as secure is just us mutually agreeing not to be dicks about things that aren’t secure at all. Have I discussed this before? I feel like I should go back and dig up old OTPs more to keep track of mental narratives I might have let drop.

*Film* *Sports*
Solved: The Mystery of Ferris Bueller’s Cubs Game
Well that was close. Now I can finally sleep. Okay but seriously I love this kind of heavy duty investigating applied to something this innocuous.

*Music* *Fashion*
The Concert Dress Code
So I’ve never been huge on LCD Soundsystem, the first album seemed fun but kinda over-rated the second was a total loss I’ve come to appreciate enough to not totally hate and only with their latest album have I really come to like them. So I greeted the news of their final show with a massive shrug of my shoulders even with their big MYSTERY GUEST or whatever. But now, suddently with the inclusion of a dress code I’m really sorry I can’t go to this.

*Music* *Creativity*
Make Cool Stuff with the New RJD2 Album
Speaking of getting me excited about artists I’m kinda luke warm on, who wants to do something cool with the new RJD2 album? Because I do just because he apparantly has an alter-ego named The Insane Warrior

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  1. I think you will find it was a one Mr Simpson who ‘figured out’ who Craig is a Bond Girl.


    But yes there’s more to be written on this!

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