Other Ten Percent 2/8/11

Feb 08 2011

I spent most of Sunday setting up my old desktop with xbmc live to make it a dedicated media center computer and I’m probably going to spend the next week or two tweaking it as an always on media computer with a rediculous amount of content on it. Expect to see a lot of info about remotely starting torrents and shit. RIVETING.

*3D Printing* *Art*
Marius Watz: Makerbot Artist in Residence
I can’t tell if this is another sign of the slow death of the academy or just that makerbot is recognizing the need to find a larger niche for its device or what the hell it is but it’s one of those supreme weirdnesses that’s so strange you really can’t work it into a science fiction book and that seems to be what the actual future is made out of.

*Fashion* *Time*
Orient Mako
I think I’m taking a week off next week not because I’m as sick of this as I was yesterday but because I need time to retune. Remember when this was about shit that I found fascinating and even though it was still just me reblogging stuff it didn’t FEEL so much like reblogging? I’m trying to get back to that. So here’s a watch I’d like to buy if I had more money.

*Graphic Design* *Life*
2010 Feltron Annual Report
Once again I wish I was better at self-quantification and graphic design just as I have every year since 2006.

*Biology* *Feats*
Holding your breath like David Blaine (and Tim Ferriss!)
Man what is it with terrible book titles and books I want to read lately? Anyway even if it is annoyingly David Blaine heavy I’ve always found the idea of body hacking pretty fascinating.

*Animation* *Video*
Things and the Things They’re Made Of
Even as we get back to this blog being all about me and what I want we’re still going to just have a little bit of fun sometimes.

*Music* *Mixes*
Hood Internet Mixtape Five
Fine Hood Internet, mashups are undead again for a while. BUT I’M STILL WATCHING YOU MUSICAL SUBGENRE

*History* *Rockets*
Space Stasis
So of the big three crazy futurist sci-fi writers today Neil Stephenson is the enigmatic one (Sterling is the cynic and Gibson is the observer for the record) and so I like to devour everything I can find from him. Sometimes this is difficult since he tends to write 3000 page epics about the enlightenment and the dawn of the information sciences and sometimes he writes literally novella length articles about shit for Wired. Luckily this is both fascinating and probably less than 10,000 words. A truly rare combination from him.

*Cooking* *Graphic Design*
Cooking Tools Poster
I wish I had a good place to hang this in my kitchen.

*Science* *The Internet of Things*
Spime Watch: Tweeting the Lab
I think this may be the first thing I’ve read with the word blogjects in it that hasn’t made me want to throw up in months.

Webcomics Roundup
Nedroid really gets inside the head of our feline friends.

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