Other Ten Percent 1/31/2011

Jan 31 2011

And now one last experiment where I just post every single tab I have open that I haven’t posted before. I think I’m largely going to go back to the streamlined version of the old format (links in the title, less links, more commentary) but I reserve the right to switch the format around a little on occasion when I have something to say. Basically what this all taught me is that I miss the flexibility I had when this first started and I’ll go back to that when I can. Anyway, right now I’m reading the Jane McGonigal book and may have a whole day based around that and I’m also working on a bit of a geekier companion piece to this thing that I wrote for PCWorld about ways to get internet after the government shuts it down that is strangely enough getting me like 100 tea party followers on Twitter.

*Space* *Games*
How our solar system would actually look with Earth at its center
If you do not waste at least five to ten minutes with this then you are a better person than me.

*Magic* *Augmented Reality*
Marco Tempest
So this guy is fascinating to me because there’s a lot of atemporal shit going down here. In the early 20th century there were tons of magicians who were relying on the newest advances in technology to make their tricks and so seeing a return to that is strangely quaint but one of the things I wonder is if the effect is quite the same. If the mystery of augmented reality for instance is the same as the mystery of electricity.

*Augmented Reality* *Video*
Augmented Reality: Sensaa
Basically all of these videos are fantastic.

*Video Games* *The International Community*
The Geopolitics of Carmen Sandego
I can’t decide if I’m angry or sad that this still leaves me the chance to write a paper with that title.

*Comedy* *Politics*
Biden thinks The Onion’s spoofs of him are ‘hilarious’
I may have become kinda jaded about Obama but I am still a card carrying member of the Joe Biden Fan Club.

*Art* *The Future*
Who Said Art Has to Cost Money
So people have been linking this around the last few days and it’s a fascinating read if only to hear somebody who just doesn’t give two fucks say what everybody already knows.

*DIY Tech* *Books*
Rough cut of upcoming Netduino Plus book: Getting Started with the Internet of Things
Well here’s a fascinating publishing strategy for a thing I’m already interested in.

*Movies* *Special Effects*
Visual effects reel breaks down Black Swan’s avian weirdness
Maybe it’s just the soundtrack but this seems more unnerving then seeing all this in the film.

*Space* *Video*
Fun With Perspective of the Day
Oh hey, prepare to be FUCKING TERRIFIED about 40 seconds into this.

*The Internet* *Science Fiction*
William Gibson on Stuxnet
Lately it seems like even Gibson’s non-fiction is getting weirder than his actual sci-fi.

*Comedy* *Video*
Tracy Morgan Thing of the Day
Okay so putting aside if this joke is actually okay or not…holy shit he actually is just Tracy Jordan.

*Comics* *Architecture*
Cutaway of Fantastic Four HQ
When I grow up I want a giant map room.

Webcomics Roundup
Nedroid shows us some of the lesser known benefits of parenting.

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