Other Ten Percent 1/28/11

Jan 28 2011

I kinda feel like a failure for not coming up with a totally new format over this month that I can do regularly but I think now it’s just time to switch over to shake down mode and figure out what to do with the things I’ve learned for a while before announcing a new format for each day of the week. I’ve got some ideas and stuff should be getting back to normal starting next week but I may still mess around a little.

*News* *Food*
Best-Ever NYT Columnist Ends Best-Ever Column (It’s a Food Column)
The newspaper is officially dead people.

*Animals* *Videos*
Everybody Loves Cephalopods
My reaction is still closer to fear and anger for the record but this is still pretty cool.

*Photography* *Weather*
A Snowstorm in Brooklyn
I’m sorry New York friends. Snow is now this pretty and fascinating thing that happens to other people as far as I am concerned.

*Games* *Video*
ZeroPunctuation Explains Minecraft: Hilarious, Insightful Game Review
So for those of you that aren’t really nerds here’s an explanation of that Minecraft thing I was always talking about a while back.

*Fashion* *Challenges*
A Challenge to All: Wear a Tie Tomorrow
So the tomorrow in that title is actually today…everybody should wear a tie today. I am. But even if you’re not going to do that then check out the 100 Days of Ties blog for a fascinating look at a bizarre alternate universe where dudes are wearing ties all the time always.

*Piracy* *Tech*
PirateBox: anonymous, stand-alone wireless filesharing node
Yet another OTP brand thing I thought would be cool but was lazy and just waited around for somebody else to make.

Webcomics Roundup
Guys Nedroid now has a tumblr of random sketches and they are pretty fantastic.

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