Other Ten Percent 4/20/10

Apr 20 2010

The workmen are back banging on my roof all day. If there is such a thing as justifiable homicide I am fast approaching it. Anyway, on a less murderous note the internet was pretty bland today. I really had to scrimp and save to get up to ten links. I hope you all appreciate what it is I do for you. And what I do is links.

*Animals* *Crippling Self Doubt*
Apes Found Suffering Self Doubt
It is seriously impossible for the onion to write anything that’s a joke anymore.

*Volcanoes* *Photography*
Eyjafjallajokull Rains Lightning Upon You
While this volcano has obviously been tough on Europe, what with it shutting down air traffic, let’s take a moment to consider all the reporters that have to spell this motherfucker day in day out while the thing is erupting. Hey volcano, Bjork called and said your name is too weird for her.

*Typography* *Decisions*
So You Need a Typeface Provides Semi Snarky but Useful Font Advice
Okay so the comic sans joke in this is pretty brilliant.

*History* *Reading*
George Washington Owes $100k in Library Fines
FINALLY, an interesting story to tell about George Washington. For the father of our nation the dude never did anything interesting. Aaron Burr shot a dude, Ben Franklin practically invented lightning for christ sakes. And what’s our first president doing? Copying down a book of manners and not even actually having wooden teeth. BORING.

*Architecture* *Art*
Gallery House by Ogrydziak Prillinger Architects
It is a day of things that are hard to spell here at Other 10%.

*Architecture* *History*
The Old Operating Theater on Columbus Ave
I am sorry, I cannot stop posting Scouting NY posts. I literally cannot stop myself.

*History* *Genius*
Never Before Seen Pictures of Albert Einstein’s Desk on the Day he Died
Could these pictures be the key to solving his grisly murder that I just made up for my new historical mystery screenplay? WHERE’S MY MONEY HOLLYWOOD?

*Technology* *Leaks*
This is Apple’s Next iPhone
Okay so I ordinarily wouldn’t cover this because it’s been all over the internets and I honestly could give a crap about an iPhone model I will probably never own, BUT, I cannot stop laughing at the fact that Apple’s famous iron-clad secrecy gets ruined because some dude left his iPhone at a bar. Do you think Steve Jobs will personally kill this guy or will he contract it out to Jonathan Ive?

*DIY Tech* *Energy*
Compressed Air Pinewood Derby Car
It’s a slow day and it looks kinda steampunk. That’s really all I’ve got for this one.

Webcomics Roundup
We’ve all been there Kate Beaton. At least I hope so, or me and Kate Beaton are going to feel like idiots.

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