Other Ten Percent 1/27/11

Jan 27 2011

I sorta think whatever plan I do has to have the option to just do things the old fashioned way because some days I just don’t have time to do any of the new extended writing formats and today I’m just sorta frankly in no mood. So here’s just a good old fashioned OTP. We’ll probably do those at least twice a week.

*Video Games* *Computers*
Go Retro with These 8-Bit and Old School Video Game Wallpapers
People are always asking me for more desktops and I thought that these looked pretty fun even if they do feature a few outdated internet cultural references in spots.

*Videos* *Hackers*
Video tour of Noisebridge hackerspace in San Francisco
One thing you can say about the DIY people, even the non-telegenic ones are so weird that they still work pretty well on camera.

*Interior Design* *Cooking*
Cute and Kitschy Salt & Pepper Shakers
Somebody buy me the rocket ones. Buy me the rocket ones right now.

*Comics* *Fashion*
Pow! Cufflinks
It makes me kinda sad that I’m not really the kinda guy who could pull these off. You’d kinda think I would be but I’m really not.

*Animals* *Tech*
Luddite Dog of the Day
Despite the troubling naming here this dog is still totally adorable.

*Cryptography* *Animation*
Beautiful rotoscoped short film on the fable of the Beale cipher
Look at that set of tags. That’s the kind of tag set that warms my heart and makes me miss the good old fashioned OTPs I used to do. I’m going to enjoy writing more in depth stuff for you guys but sometimes I just like stuff that combines two of my interests in a weird way.

*DIY Tech* *Interior Design*
100′ Programmable LED Hall Lighting
It’s weird how easy it would be to just make your place into a full on sci-fi set at this point.

*The Internet* *Tutorials*
Make Your Own Beautiful, Customized Browser Start Page
Okay here’s a cool thing you can do with those desktop pictures from earlier.

*Depressing Things* *Mental Illness*
DSM Wars: The Battle to Define Mental Illness
Okay so the actual narrative here is really pretty sad and depressing but the idea of the science here is from a morally neutral point of view kinda cool. Maybe?

*Movies* *History*
New Orson Welles Film?
Listen, we all know this is going to suck. There’s really no question it’s going to suck. But nobody tell me it’s going to suck okay? Stop crushing my dreams.

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