Other Ten Percent 1/26/11

Jan 26 2011

Hey so welcome to time saving tu-Wednesday a new thing I’m going to be doing on tuesdays but I thought of too late this week where all of the links are time savers.

*Info-Graphics* *Politics*
State of the Union: The Word Cloud
And now you know everything you need to about the state of the union.

*Tutorials* *Computers*
Learn How to Code
Lifehacker is doing a coding tutorial week. I’m not totally sure on this but I think by Friday you will be able to code as well as any person on earth.

*Politics* *The Internet*
Breaking News of the Day
Another year another crowd-sourced political uprising in another country.

*Lists* *Names*
List of Slang Terms for Police Officers
Remember kids, the next time you’re pulled over try calling the policeman Nab Jones and see what happens.

*Television* *Video*
Sixty-Second Summary of the Day
Just watch this twice instead of watching the second and third seasons of Dexter.

*Music* *History*
Beat-Boxing Hip-Hop History
Now you should be thoroughly up to date on this. I can’t imagine how anyone could have any questions once this is done.

Webcomics Roundup
This is technically a time saver I guess since today’s Dinoaur Comic might well be the only comic you’ll ever need.

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