Other Ten Percent 1/24/11

Jan 24 2011

Alright people it’s an all video monday as we spend a week going over the experiments I did this month that I think actually worked. Mondays are fairly easy to do themes for since I have so much content to work with and a decent amount of time to do it in. Still considering the length of a lot of these videos this entry is probably going to be commentary light and BoingBoing and Daily What heavy.

*Time* *Videos*
Time Saver of the Day
Unless you collect these at least one of these will seem like magic.

*The Internet* *Videos on Videos*
Bruce Sterling Talk on Venacular Video
shockingly this 50 some minute talk will not be the longest video of the day.

*Videos* *Star Trek*
From the Archives
Guys this was, no lie, my favorite episode of Reading Rainbow when I was a kid. I would get excited whenever it was the one where he actually fessed up to being Geordi and showed us around the Enterprise.

*Secrets* *Video*
Wikileaks panel with Ellsberg, Shirky, Thiel, Zittrain & Singham
I am way more fascinated by Wikileaks commentary than I have any real reason to be.

*Comedy* *Video*
Supercut of the Day
Please enjoy this five minute collection of spit-takes.

*The Internet* *History*
Jimmy Wales Narrates History of Wikipedia’s First Decade
This would be super boring without the graphics.

*Exploration* *Video*
Time Lapse Thing of the day
An entire antarctic expedition in nine minutes.

*Comedy* *Reading*
Boing Boing Mention in Promo for PORTLANDIA (New Show Debuting Tonight on IFC)
This is what every day of my life is like. Also, hey guys did you hear about this new show featuring that girl from Sleater Kinney and that guy you always think is Chris Kattan but isn’t because he’s actually funny? It is set in Portland and it is PRETTY GOOD.

*Music* *Speed*
8 Hour Challenge of the Day
See if you’re going to do a think about how boring and formulaic pop music is you should have some fun with it like this.

*Water* *Video*
Mark Visser Surfs Massive Waves on Moonlit Night with LED Vest, Surfboard
Take it from somebody who has never given a fuck about surfing: this is incredibly cool looking.

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