Other Ten Percent 1/21/11

Jan 21 2011

And now it’s a collection of links along with notes to myself about how to use them. I swear next week I’ll start making content for an audience again.

*Music* *The Internet*
Listening Room
Anybody who wants can upload an mp3 and then the room will hear a playlist made up of those MP3s. It’s worth investigating using this for some sort of simultaneous party idea or something. In fact there are quite a few different party ideas that emerge from this.

*Comedy* *Music*
A Seriously Comprehensive Guide to Comedy Podcasts
I dunno how much I agree with these ratings having tried a few of them out Nerdist is the only must listen one that I’d agree is must listen but as a comprehensive list it is certainly…comprehensive.

*Art* *Television*
Twin Peaks 20th Anniversary Art Exhibition
Man if the owls were not what they seem because they were made of metal I would have liked that resolution way better.

*History* *Booze*
Shackleton’s 100-year-old whiskey unearthed in Anarctica, soon to be drunk
I now have an official excuse to bust out a crazy good history story every time I’m drinking whiskey. I’m living the dream. Almost as much as I would be if I actually got to drink this.

*Dance* *Video*
Early Bird Special of the Day
This keeps jumping back and forth between being awesome and being utterly terrifying and I kinda have to keep watching it until the waveform collapses.

*Kinects* *Video*
Codebox: What do you want to do with Processing?
I finally get to do all my research for my hacking the Kinect story today! HOORAY! Anyway I am just linking this here so I can use it as reference.

*Video* *Creepyness*
The Number Lady
Totally stealing this format and idea as the opener to my ARG even if this is, as I suspect, the opening to an ARG.

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