Other Ten Percent 1/20/11

Jan 20 2011

So my plan for today is to do links that I think will annoy at least one person who reads OTP along with thrilling at least one person who reads this. You’ll be happy to know that next week I’m going to try and synthesizes all of this into an actually useful format so our long national nightmare is almost over.

*History* *Literature*
5 Things You Didn’t Know About Edgar Allan Poe
That’s right, more Edgar Allan Poe facts. Just be happy I didn’t stick you with the set pictures from that horrible Raven movie they’re doing.

*Augmented Reality* *Music*
Augmented Reality: Nosaj Thing vs. Aalto @ LUNCHMEAT 2010, Prague
Unless you’re a full on augmented reality nerd you won’t really care about this until like 4/5ths of the way through the running time and that’s why you all hate me but Lucy wants to high five me.

*Music* *Video*
She & Him Music Video of the Day
I know somebody’s going to think this is twee as fuck and they can’t stand it and that’s generally how I think of She & Him but this video is semi-ironic modernist awesomeness.

*Science Fiction* *Literature*
Brighten your day with a randomly-chosen piece of terrible science fiction prose
In my experience nothing makes me more confident in my writing than seeing how badly other people can write.

*Science Fiction* *Toys*
Doctor Who construction toy figures
Fuck all’a y’all I will post Dr. Who links until you all think they’re awesome.

*Mashups* *More Mashups*
Lights Out of the Day
Somebody played two Girltalk albums over each other. Recomended only for expert ADD listeners because this shit be cray cray.

*Music* *Cats*
Cat Flag
This is really just for me and Alex I think but maybe other people had the proper punk phase to laugh at it.

*History* *Architecture*
An abandoned quarantine island, in plain sight of New York City
There’s gotta be somebody sick of me doing this sorta stereotypically BLDGblog posts by now right? Even if this one is actually io9.

*Video Games* *The Internet*
The Starter Pokemon for Each Meme
Okay I know the audience for this one is only like 1/10 of my total readership.

*Comedy* *Capitalism*
You’d Better Sit Down for This of the Day
This link is special because you may all love it but FUCK YOU. Because you may recall that I had a similar brilliant idea, specifically everyonegivemeonedollar.com which, as you may recall, stalled out at me making 18 bucks and then the world didn’t realize what a great absurdly rich person I’d be. But of course this guy who doesn’t even realize you should wear a white tux when you get absurdly rich because nobody’s going to call you on that shit gets a million dollars and I cry into my pillow.

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  1. Oh, please, no more photos of John Cusack wearing a really, really horrible Poe Halloween costume!

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