Other Ten Percent 1/19/11

Jan 19 2011

So today’s theme is just doing links to stuff that’s stereotypically what I’m into. Two of them were suggested on Twitter and I just couldn’t resist.

*History* *Booze*
Ben Franklin’s Collection of Synonyms for Inebriation
Every single one of these is fantastic and a great party game would be seeing how many of them you could work into casual conversation before you got called out on it. If you make it into double digits everyone at the party is EXTREMELY drunk and probably in danger of dying. “He’s had a Thump over the Head with Sampson’s Jawbone” is my favorite.

*Augmented Reality* *Words*
Augmented Reality: Helen Papagiannis Interview
Yeah I’ll post an interview about the limitations of augmented reality in instillation art. Don’t cross me.

*Children’s Literature* *Comedy*
The Baby-sitters Club: Where Are They Now
I have no idea how I acquired enough information about the Baby-sitters club to find this hilarious. I was a pretty ridiculous kid at sabotaging myself to never be popular but I don’t think I ever read the Baby-sitters club. Maybe it’s just that this works regardless of your knowledge of the baby-sitters club? Let’s find out.

*Science Fiction* *Music*
Arcade Fire’s Suburbs Short Film Directed by Spike Jonze to Premiere at Berlin Film Festival
Woah holy shit this is going to be a whole movie? Holy shit this is the best news I heard all day.

*Animals* *Booze*
German Police Pick up Drunken Owl
Oh no wait this is the best news I ever heard all day. It actually tops the old drunk bear story.

*Science Fiction* *Words*
William Gibson on Wa-Wa Pedals, Emotional Bandwith and Space Castles
I will basically never stop posting William Gibson interviews.

*Comedy* *Noises*
Guys I will go ahead and be way behind the curve on this but did you know that there are a ton of comedy podcasts now? Because I’d heard but assumed they’d all suck since real comedians would you know…not podcast. But I was wrong and they’re totally hilarious and fun!

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