Other Ten Percent 1/18/11

Jan 18 2011

And now we continue our impromptu “it’s all about me” week let’s take a look at a few links and discuss why I specifically think they’re awesome.

*Wikipedia* *Lists*
List of Lists on Wikipedia
I love this because I sorta love the everything is miscellaneous view of the world. I just love knowing about things I didn’t know before like the burial sites of the leaders of world religions.

*Children* *Video*
Adorable French girl recounts astounding Winnie the Pooh plot
I like this because children are adorable and they are even more adorable when they are saying things in french and barely hiding their absurd love of crocodiles.

*Music* *History*
Stylophone for $9 and a documentary about it
I love this because the only thing I’ve ever wanted more than a stylophone is a theramin.

*Robots* *Video games*
Control Humanoid Robot with Kinect
I love this because we are like 4 years from random people making a Gundam at this point.

*Movies* *History*
I’ll be waiting to see your names someday on the big screen
I love this because I’ve always wanted to have enough passion to legitimately go through with a passion project.

*Art* *Math*
Showtime: Surface Detail By Subblue
I love this because I love the idea of code as poetry and recontextualizing the mathematics that went into making this as the work of a poet.

*History* *Robots*
Underground robot boxing matches have been around for 80 years
I used to find the idea that no idea is new really irritating but now I find it strangely freeing in the sense that sometimes ideas can have already existed but you can rediscover them and decide that their time has come. The Difference Engine pre-dated the computer by 80 years but it just wasn’t the right time for the device. Maybe now is the time for robot boxing.

Webcomics Roundup
I just generally love Dinosaur Comics but I really love the idea of a universe full of puppies.

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