Other Ten Percent 4/19/10

Apr 19 2010

It’s only Saturday night and I ALREADY feel like I’ve gotten a ton of shit done. Tomorrow I hang out with Ivan so if you hear something about two mysterious dudes who saved the earth it was almost certainly us. Like, 99% for certain. Anyway now to keep saving the internet.

*Space* *Science*
3-D Printing Device Could Build Moon Base From Lunar Dust
Read that title over and over again until you come to understand on a deep metaphysical level that we like in the FUCKING FUTURE.

*Urban Planning* *Science Fiction*
10 Weirdest Urban Ecosystems on Earth
I think I’ve featured a lot of these on Other Ten Percent before but I always love a good round up post of the truly bizarre.

*Superheroes* *Art*
Mod Hero
This may just be my obsession with Doctor Strange, but the Doc Strange illustration here (second one on the 5th row) IS GODDAMN AMAZING.

*History* *New York*
Old New York Photographed in Color
I love old pictures of New York. It seems cooler somehow, or at least better photographed.

*The Underseas* *Video*
Octopus Steals Camera, Swims Away, Directs First Film
I seriously think the only hope for mankind is if we can get the Robots and the Octopi to try and replace us at the same time so they’ll end up fighting each other.

*Time Travel* *Photography*
Time Traveler Caught in 1940 Photo?
The argument for why this guy isn’t a time traveler misses the most obvious point. Why the hell would a hipster travel to 1940? To make fun of Hitler’s taste in music or something?

*Space* *Aliens*
A New ET Seeking Project to Locate Dyson Spheres and Halo Worlds
I seriously love that scientists are legitimately looking for signs of megastructures from advanced civilizations. Almost as much as I will love it if actually works.

*Japan* *Real Estate*
Microrentals and Dead Space in Tokyo
Okay so who else wants to micro-rent a place in Tokyo for three hours so we can go to a party and tell everybody about “our place in Tokyo?”

*Volcanos* *Flight*
Continent Scale Weather Systems Made of Glass
So if you haven’t been paying attention to the fact that all the flights in europe are grounded well here’s maybe the most amazing explanation of what’s up with that possible.

*Japan* *Music*
Lady Gaga’s Little Japanese Monsters
Oh man I knew adding Tokyo Fashion to my RSS reader would pay off eventually. And it finally has in spades. And by spades I mean cigarette glasses.

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