Other Ten Percent 12/31/10

Dec 31 2010

So this marks the end of a year where, I’m fairly certain, I provided ten links every single weekday for the entire thing which comes out to almost 3000 links. Which is ridiculous. And now that I have done that for a while I’ve kinda felt like I’m getting in a bit of a rut. There have been a lot of the same types of links popping up from a lot of the same places and I sorta feel like I’m just a Daily What that gives you the content all in one lump. So I’m officially declaring January to be “screwing around with the format” month. OTP isn’t going away but there may not be ten links every day. Or I may start linking to books and movies more or maybe I’ll just chat about stuff. I feel like an increase in commentary is a likely result of all of this but I don’t really know. Also if you want to give me regular or semi-regular feedback about what you do or don’t like about what I’m doing that’d be great. Oh, also also, I’ll also be screwing around with the format of the Twitter account. Anyway, let’s get into our last round of low commentary high volume linking.

*Computing* *Civilization*
Living Earth Simulator Aims to Predict Everything That’s Happening on our Planet
If science fiction has taught me anything it’s that something like this could never go wrong.

*Spelunking* *Scale*
A Cave in Vietnam So Tall, a Skyscraper Could Fit Inside
Why’d Gallatin take us to stupid cultural history stuff over there and not this?

*Crafts* *Identity*
Self-Portrait Ski Mask
Both creepy and awesome.

*Music* *Videos*
Kanye West Music Video of the Day
Oh man speaking of both creepy and awesome here’s Kanye’s video for Monster. I dearly hope this is still up when you guys are awake to see it because it is a leak and I keep expecting it to go down but it’s also AMAZING. I mean super like horrifying and NSFW also, but amazing. They even manage to make the Nicki Minaj part suitably fantastic and weird. Also though, seriously need to mention this once more. DO NOT WATCH THIS AT WORK.

*Art* *Books*
The Artist is Present, in Book Form
I’m still really bummed I never got to go see this but now I can look at the book and it’ll be like I was there! Only a book!

*History* *Infographics*
2000 vs. 2010: How the World has Changed
infographics are now the only way I can learn.

*Reputation Economies* *Papers*
Designing Peer to Peer Reputation Systems
I have been thinking a lot about reputation economies lately, no real reason I just think it’s fun, but stuff like this is really making me wonder if we actually have a macro-economics of reputation systems or if we’re just sorta stapling together bigger and bigger economies out of micro-economics. I don’t really know where that’s going yet it’s just a stray thought.

*Mashups* *Video*
Mashup of the Day
Fiddler on the Roof meets You Got Served. It gets better again toward the end.

*Infographics* *Video*
The Joy of Stats
Here, have an hour long documentary on info visualization.

Webcomics Roundup
This is actually an old Dinosaur Comic but it happens to be one of my favorites.

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