Other Ten Percent 12/30/10

Dec 30 2010

One more day to go and then this year is over and we can start forgetting to end the date in 11 for a few weeks. Good times. I’m in a bit of a hurry so I can accomplish everything I put in my to-do list yesterday.

*Theater* *Quitting*
Lead Actress Flees the Spider-Man Musical
Did you know that Spider-man schadenfreude is the only resource more available than snow in New York right now?

*History* *War*
Medieval Warfare
It may shock you to learn that, much like everything else in the world, warfare sucked way more 500 years ago.

*Animals* *Film*
Tron Cat
Okay nobody else needs to ever dress up a cat again unless it’s as a tron cat.

*Photography* *Childhood*
The Juice Box Camera
I am going to give this to my kid and tell them we’re all spies for the russians and NO ONE CAN KNOW. I would be the worst parent in history but I would be the best at being the worst parent.

*Cartoons* *Gender*
Fiona and Cake
Did I show off the gender reversed version of Adventure Time before and talk about how it’s an adorable little internet only discovery? NO MORE! They are making an actual episode about Fiona and Cake and all we know so far is that they want to get Neil Patrick Harris as the male version of Princess Bubblegum. News that is only exciting for me everybody. Kinda ridiculous that this is today’s longest entry.

*Gifts* *Science*
Test Tube Spice Rack
That’s right, I’m not above just directly lifting posts from my friends for this. Especially when they’re this rad.

*Television* *Despair*
Party Down
If you are like me then the only Rob Thomas you care about is the one that created Veronica Mars and it may interest you to know that he did another show for Starz called Party Down about caterers in LA who all consistently have their dreams crushed by a soulless city that lures you in with promises of fame and then makes you work as a caterer for people who are less talented than you but obscenely wealthy. It’s a comedy! If you’re REALLY like me you may know that nerds got all upset because right after Season 2 finished airing and they canceled the show they pulled the second season from Netflix Instant Watch where they had been releasing new episodes as they aired. Boring minutia! Well now it’s ON Netflix Instant Watch again along with Season 1 and you should all go watch it. Twenty half hour episodes shouldn’t take you more than a week.

*New York* *Small Scale Philanthropy*
Fixer’s Collective
Look, it is people who will fix things for you! They should extend this out to large philosophical problems and relationship issues and stuff.

*Photography* *Books*
Secret Door
I want to have this so I can be all “those books are a door to a whole other secret room of information.” and people will be like “yes, a room of the mind.” and I will be like “no I mean there is a secret door behind those books where I hid all the information.”

*Design* *Books*
New Cover
I love amateur book cover graphic design work because I am a big nerd.

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