Other Ten Percent 12/29/10

Dec 29 2010

To Do List for tomorrow: add some new stuff to the RSS reader and trim some other stuff back, do a ton of wash, clean up my room, fight crime, pick up my comics, write an e-mail about my creative project, maybe go shopping or maybe wait until the after new years sales, discover the real connection between Atlantis and the Pyramids and then go to a huge dinner with my parents and Jane’s family (also with Jane though it would be really funny if we just didn’t invite her) possibly I will also take a nap. I like naps.

*The Web* *Video*
Everyday Shots
I like the idea of repurposing corporate spaces without their knowledge. There’s something sort of wonderfully egalitarian about using these huge big box as illicit shooting locations.

*Star Wars* *New York*
This Looks Shopped of the Day
Katherine was talking to me earlier this week about how silly it is that New Yorkers are so consistently shocked that it’s going to snow in New York in the middle of winter but I do enjoy the fact that they at least seem to really enjoy themselves about it.

*Architecture* *Military History*
Live in a Fortress
I saw this on io9 but it was not sufficiently clear to me that you could actually buy the damn thing for me to post about it.

*Science Fiction* *Free Stuff*
Read Ted Chiang’s Groundbreaking Novella about Artificial Intelligence Online
I am trying to write longer blurbs but I think for this one I may just let you go to the link since there is an entire novella behind it.

*Video* *Snow*
Look at all the Pretty Colors of the Day
Man electrical currents going haywire are so fun to look at that it’s a real shame they can like…kill you.

*Art* *Trash*
Sculptures Made from Phone Books
And people say phonebooks are useless in this day and age…wait that’s actually what this is a commentary on isn’t it?

*Music* *History*
United States of Pop 2010
So this is a huge mashup of like the top 40 hits of the year and it’s not so much that it’s good that interests me because it’s….okay I guess. It’s more that it sorta plays to me like that scene in the Matrix where they just download a whole ton of information into your head. There’s a ton of shit wrong with our short attention span ADD crazed media environment but examples of it actually being functionally useful really interest me. Here, download the year in pop music into year head in five minutes. Bask in the mediocrity with brief flashes of brilliance just as if you’d actually been paying attention to popular music.

*Books* *The Internet*
Cognitive Surplus
I’m really liking my iPad as a content consumption device for all kinds of content I’d previously been ignoring (though as an RSS reader it has some problems I’m still trying to iron out) and as a result I’ve read like 5 books in the past week or something. I’m really liking this one at the moment.

*Language* *Cartography*
North American English Dialect Map
I think me liking maps is really just an extension of me liking info-graphics in a weird sort of way. Here’s how you organize information geographically: BAM

Webcomics Roundup
Nedroid cannot resist the siren song of fashion.

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