Other Ten Percent 12/28/10

Dec 28 2010

Turns out this is my 200th OTP since I switched over to doing this in WordPress so woooo to that. Also I was already to be psyched about the new Gorrilaz album that Damon Albarn like would not shut up about because he made it all on the iPad and he just had to release it for Christmas so people didn’t think he was lying…don’t worry dude, nobody would ever accuse you of lying about that and I hope you look forward to reminding everybody you made it on the iPad every time somebody plays it back for you. Luckily the Dr. Who Christmas Special was incredibly awesome so that kinda balanced it out.

*Music* *Video Games*
PXTOne Manual
Here, have a 70 something page manual about making video game music.

*Mashups* *Music*
The Brothers of Chico Dusty
I may need to just admit mashups are dead. This album is okay but I’m not going to pretend like its anything more than a novelty for people who enjoyed either the Big Boi or Black Keys (maybe both?) albums this year. Only like every 4th track on the year end best list from Bootie SF is any good and I’m not sure Team9 is even going to do a mashup album for Stereogum this year. It may just be time to pack it in and say the girltalk style sound collage track wins.

*Video Games* *Cake*
Super Mario Level Cake
I continue to help with Chris and Kelly’s wedding planning…and by help I mean possibly make Kelly want to kill me by suggesting things she’ll have to shoot down.

*Video Games* *History*
Secret History of Douglass Adam’s Starship Titanic
Man It didn’t seem like there were so many video game posts when I was looking at the tabs earlier. Anyways, this is actually strangely useful for planning my creative project since the game itself was kinda mediocre (anybody else remember playing it?) but all this minutia about building up buzz for it is awesome.

*3D Printing* *History*
2010: The Year in 3D Printing
This should get into some serious singularity warning material for most of you.

*Fabric* *Capitalism*
Street Art of the Day

*Art* *New Media*
The eCloud at San Jose Airport
Kinda makes me wish my flight had been worse so I could have been rerouted through San Jose.

*Weather* *Art*
It’s Like Burning Man, but with Ice, and in China
Well that just about solves all my problems with Burning Man…wait are the hippies still there?

*Video* *Weather*
Idiot with a Tripod
This one goes out to everybody trapped in or by Snowpocalypse.

Webcomics Roundup
Kate Beaton covers a lot of things including the hunks of WWII.

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