Other Ten Percent 12/27/10

Dec 27 2010

Alright, back to the same old grind except of course this is the top ten links not of the last 3 days but of the last nine. So it’s more like the other .5% given the number of links I went through. Let’s do this thing though.

*History* *Death*
Did John Wilkes Booth Get Away
I know this’ll turn out to be boring and he will be the guy that was shot but I sorta love the idea of there being a secret history of a presidential assassin.

*Architecture* *Slides*
German University has Awesome Slides for Maximum Efficiency
I want to plan slides into every building now.

*History* *Space*
The Forgotten Genius who Discovered Black Holes Over 200 Years Ago
I always thought it was weird that it took till the 20th century to come up with an idea that was sorta logical once you had a newtonian understanding of gravity.

*Secrets* *Writing*
Bruce Sterling on #Cablegate
Having already given you guys the best essay on what it is Wikileaks wants to do here’s the best essay on what its actual effects are going to be.

*Video* *Art*
Liquid Sculpture
There were a lot of “oh this is pretty” posts over the last week obviously but this was the only one that stuck with me.

*Subways* *Photography*
A Subway Spelunkers Guide to Paris’ Abandoned Metro Stations
I think we all knew this one was coming.

*Products* *Design*
Minimalist Thing of the Day
I want to buy the minimalist versions of all of this stuff…which isn’t really that minimalist I guess when I think about.

*Comedy* *News*
The Onion’s 20 People Who Mattered in 2010
I think “Mark Zuckerberg- Gotta Hand it to the Little Fucker” is what his man of the year article should have been titled.

*Robots* *History*
Great Robots of Antiquity
I love that doing OTP lets me ask questions like “Am I doing too many ancient robot posts?”

*Tracking* *Mail*
Should the Postal Service Turn in to One Giant Arduino Project?
On a functional level I don’t know the answer to that question but for my amusement they OBVIOUSLY should.

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