Other Ten Percent 2010 Book Guide

Dec 23 2010

And now it is book day. Who doesn’t love books? Me apparantly because I didn’t read ten of them this year which is really depressing looking back on it. So instead I have to throw in comics which I read a lot of this year. I apologize on every level.

*Books* *Etymology*
Virtual Words
I was all ready to make this entry about the OK book I blogged already that Jamie sent me but then I cracked open the other book she sent me and it turns out it’s EVEN BETTER. A book on the coining and usage of various words in science and technology by the guy that does the Jargon Watch column for Wired.

*Comics* *Spies*
You know how the Venture Brothers is sorta the dark edge to sixties Hannah Barbera cartoons? Imagine that but applied to 60’s spy movies. Written by Matt Fraction who’s putting out so much great stuff lately it’s actually been pretty hard for me to decide which one to pick. His run on Invincible Iron Man is also pretty incredible.

*Books* *Fashion and the Military Industrial Complex*
Zero History
The new William Gibson novel. I tried to keep the science fiction to a minimum and it’s not really that science fiction-y as these things go. It’s the end of Gibson’s trilogy of books set in the science fictional period of the present. This one may need you to have read the previous ones a bit more for some of the reveals at the end but I think it’ll still work on its own.

*Comics* *Super Science*
Fantastic Four
Jonathan Hickman has been putting out an absolutely incredibly ADD Fantastic Four run that manages to put an original spin on Super Science (and I do love super science) and he’s pulled it off by doing the impossible and making Reed Richard’s annoyingly precocious kids that most writers have tried to ignore into actual integral characters.

*Books* *Strategy*
Outwitting Squirrels
I’m not going to lie. I have not actually read this book but between the title and the number of best of the year lists I’ve seen it on I can’t imagine it’s NOT fantastic.

*Comics* *Batman*
Batman and Robin
Grant Morrison continues writing the best and most insane comics in the world. After Bruce Wayne died (he got better recently) Dick Grayson takes over as Batman with Bruce Wayne’s bastard son as Robin. If that doesn’t sound fun to you I don’t really blame you but I swear to God it is.

*Books* *Science*
Delusions of Gender
Another book I haven’t had a chance to read yet (I’ve been a pretty terrible reader this year really) but It’s been recommended all over the place by tons of people including my dad. A great study of the history of studies of gender difference in science and how most of them are kinda crap.

*Comics* *Fairy Tales*
The best vertigo book that’s still publishing. The guy that owns the comic shop I go to described it as “a gritty realistic where are they now of all your favorite fairy tales” and that’s a pretty apt summation even if it does leave out how FUN the series is. I highly recommend reading the first trade or two in a Barnes and Noble some time.

*Books* *Cooking*
Cooking for Geeks
The title’s kinda shameful and terrible but it’s a great cookbook for learning to cook since it’s really friendly to fucking up constantly. I’m only just starting to dig into it but I already love it.

Webcomics Roundup
Machine of Death is edited by the Dinosaur Comics and Softer World guys and decried by Glen Beck so you know it’s good. Machine of Death is a short story collection based on the premise that someone has invented a machine that will tell you the method of your death with 100% accuracy. Not the time or the place, just how.

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