Other Ten Percent 2010 Movie/TV Guide

Dec 21 2010

Here we are in the distant future of Tuesday totally NOT directly after me writing yesterdays edition. Nope. Not at all. So the format on this one is that I’m going to switch back and forth between movies and TV shows because I didn’t love enough of either this year to get to 10. There are sorta top 10 lists now but it’s really more the usual 10 things that are totally worth your time in no particular order. These are the top five of each category but no rankings further than that. Also I’ll link to DVDs or something if I can but if I can’t I’ll just get bored and link to something vaguely related to the movie or TV show in question.

*Advertising* *Television*
Mad Men
In a shocking twist the best show on TV was the best show on TV this year. It didn’t have quite the “fuck yeah” factor of the season 3 finale but this year ended on an equally effective note and made me angry that I once again have to wait 9 months before I get more.

*The Internet* *Movies*
The Social Network
I think as a vaguely paid tech journalist I’m not allowed to like this movie because it just makes stuff up about the history of Facebook but SHHHHHH don’t tell anybody but this is the best movie of the year and it’s not actually about Facebook. In fact, no matter what Aaron Sorkin tells you its barely even about the internet really. It’s about revolution and social class in America and it’s AWESOME.

*Higher Education* *Television*
The best comedy show on TV just keeps getting better to the degree that I’m starting to worry about it. The meteoric rise from the really kinda sad pilot to Modern Warfare at the end of season one is pretty incredible but if they keep up that trajectory I’m worried they’re going to burn out.

*Toys* *Movies*
Toy Story 3
What can you say about a movie that has a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes that hasn’t already been said. Pixar keeps up its perfect record (nope, shut up, Cars never happened) with the newest, darkest, and most awesome Toy Story movie.

*Zombies* *Television*
The Walking Dead
AMC is finally rewarded for all its good behavior with an honest to God hit. I wouldn’t have guessed it would come from a really depressing zombie show based on a really depressing zombie comic but I guess it’s more accessable than 1960’s ad men and meth dealers.

*Dance* *Movies*
Black Swan
The wildcard Black Swan/Tron: Legacy slot goes to Black Swan based on io9’s critical panning of Tron and Jane St. John’s recommendation of our new Showgirls meets Cronenberg overlord.

*History* *Television*
Boardwalk Empire
People who don’t like this show are bad people and they should feel bad. What looked to be a gangster movie writ large turns out to beat Mad Men for the most feminist show on television. It’s also got the best title sequence and the villain. We’re so close to documenting all of American history in 40 year intervals with great TV I can taste it. Also, quick word of warning: the show is based on like one chapter of the book I link there.

*Dreams* *Movies*
Another great Chris Nolan movie with at the very least the most memorable soundtrack of the year. People will debate and debate about the ending to this movie probably for years to come but to me the real important question is how the hell I can steal all of Joseph Gordon Levitt’s outfits from this movie.

*Science Fiction* *Television*
Dr. Who
The best Who writer takes over for the best season of Dr. Who yet with a dude that’s shaping up to be the best actor to play the role. The newest season of Dr. Who was fantastic from beginning to end and, if you’ve got just a tiny bit of tolerance for figuring stuff out as you go along, it’s actually a great place to get (back?) into the show. (It is kinda ridiculously expensive though so maybe just wait for it to show up on Netflix? The BBC’s usually pretty good about that.)

*Comics* *Movies*
Scott Pilgrim
No, you shut up. Every year I have my one bit of media that isn’t necessarily the best thing of the year but is still totally overlooked even after I tell everybody I know about it. Even after I start a blog telling everybody I can about it. Then, in two years when everybody starts telling me about this great movie based on this weird Canadian comic, a little part of me snaps and I move one step closer to becoming a super villain. Shame on all of you that didn’t go see this, you know who you are.

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