Other Ten Percent 2010 Gifts

Dec 20 2010

Okay so you guys CALM DOWN. I posted a thing on Twitter about how there weren’t going to be any new links and I got a twitter response three IMs and an e-mail begging me to do OTP this week. There is Other Ten Percent its just the top ten lists for the year instead of a normal entry. Everything’s cool. So the past two years have seen me do gift guides by person but we’ve finally expanded enough that I don’t want to do that anymore. Instead I’m going to do gifts based on each of the top 10 tags (as guesstimated by me, hard to actually measure that and also excluding some tags that are getting used later in the week) on Other Ten Percent. Also I’m going to spare you guys the amazon spam on most of these and just link directly to the titles on stuff this week. Could this be a permanent change? Only the future knows for sure.

BLDGBlog Book
Did I already put the BLDGBlog Book last year? Don’t care. This thing is still packed with just as much insanity as the blog itself with bonus graphic design goodness so it’s going on the list.

Old Phoneworks
Actually I’m not sure how the spacing on that is supposed to work out. Point is it’s a link to buying original and reproduction retro phones some of which are very very retro-futurist.

*Interior Design*
The Big Book of Small, Cool Spaces
Another “did you know a blog I have you read a lot has a book?” Gift. This one is slightly less fantastic than the BLDGBlog one but it’s still pretty great.

*Men’s Fashion*
Nerd Boyfriend
Seriously just buy any dude (or especially fashion forward girl) you know any combination off of Nerd Boyfriend. I continue to highly recomend the Young Ian McKellen I know that was kind of a cop out for the ladies. I am sorry.

The Time Traveler’s Guide to Medieval England: A Handbook for Visitors to the Fourteenth Century
I was trying to keep all the books to the book day but do you know how hard it is to find a history gift that isn’t a book that isn’t also horribly boring?

Wednesday Comics
I don’t begrudge people not that into superhero comics. The vast majority of them are really bad escapist literature. Hell if you were to just pick a random comic off my shelf there’s a good chance even it would only be good where good equals “Batman does something awesome.” But even superhero comics can get experimental and when they do they’re pretty awesome. Wednesday Comics was a DC project using the old Sunday Newspaper format to do 20 weekly comics for 2.99. They were originally printed on newsprint and actually folded out like a sunday newspaper which was awesome visually but totally unruly for storage. This hardcover collection from does a great job of keeping what was great about the scale and format of the originals in a much more manageable hardcover.

*Concept Art*
The Art of the Incredibles
You know who unsurprisingly has really great concept art books? Pixar. I arbitrarily choose the Incredibles because it’s my favorite but basically all of them are great because while you can clearly see how they get from concept art to movie the style of the concept art is also distinct from the film and awesome in its own way.

Robot Headphone Splitter
I tried to find a robot I hadn’t already put on OTP but in the end I just didn’t like any of them as much as this little guy. He’s functional, cheap, portable, and adorable.

*Augmented Reality*
Word Lens
And I’m once again cheating and using something literally from the last OTP. But shut up because this thing is available now for the iPhone and it WORKS. People will tell you it doesn’t because if you point it at random objects or like some 3rd grader’s english homework it will attempt to translate it and fail but there is an honest to God augmented reality translator app that will live translate signs for you and that is incredible.

Webcomics Roundup
I would recommend the Dinosaur Comics Dry Erase Board but its obvious brilliance resulted in it being sold out in like 5 seconds. Instead why not try their I’m not ____ but I’m _____ for you card series. If you express the hell out of it this morning you can still get it by Christmas!

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