Other Ten Percent 12/16/10

Dec 16 2010

Okay so due to various problems with PG&E being my mortal enemy I barely got to use the new compy today but that’s cool because when I did get to use it it was fun and a lot of other good stuff happened like my committee approved my creative project so I’m still on track to graduate and Jamie sent me books! Including the OK book I blogged about a week or two back. Also I got an iPad. …Looking back the electricity being out for like 7 hours doesn’t really seem to offset how good a day this was. Anyway tomorrow I’m going to test out writing this up on the iPad to see if there’s that much functionality in the thing (Spoiler Alert: I will misspell even more things.) and maybe move over to it as my permanent surfing the web device while the iMac takes on more serious tasks and also basically doubles as a TV because good God this thing is huge. Anyway let’s get to links.

*The Ocean* *Light*
This is the Material that Future Sunglasses will be Made of
I keep telling you people that nature is weird but clearly none of you are going to believe me until we have glasses made of snails and we’re all being attacked by jet squids.

*Music* *Interface Design*
Urushi Musical Interface
Awwwwwww look you guys, the theramin and the iPad had a baby.

*Lighting* *Interior Design*
5 Neat Wood Table Lamps
In specific enough subject matters I am hilariously easy to please.

*Sound* *Science Fiction*
How George Lucas Created a Droid Language for R2-D2
Really fascinating stuff actually. I’m glad I actually looked at it after the 70th person reblogged it today.

*Science Fiction* *Video*
Modern Times
Okay I’m finally on-board with the ultra low budget science fiction video shorts thing. The ratio of awesome to hilariously bad special effects is finally working out well for them. This one is kinda strangely moving to boot, though you kinda have to treat it more as a metaphor than as straight up Sci-Fi.

*Architecture* *Artificial Intelligence*
QR Cinema, or: Machines Making Films for Machines
This is your daily architectural singularity warning.

*Robots* *Audio*
Robot Headphone Splitter
Awwww and this is your daily singularity gift idea.

*Transportation* *Retro-Futurism*
Futuristic Vehicles that Never Existed like the Anti-Tiger Tank and the Octopus Fire Truck
The world pretty much owes me an Octopus Fire Truck…I think it’s just fair really.

*Space* *Simulations*
Impact: Earth!
Now you can live out your childhood dream of testing the destructive capacity of different sizes and densities of asteroids colliding with the earth. The childhood dream part was sarcastic for everyone but Suzan.

*Space* *Photography*
Incredible Pics From ISS by NASA Astronaut Wheelock
And I was just thinking that I needed some new background photos.

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