Other Ten Percent 4/15/10

Apr 15 2010

Blarg. I am giving a lecture for a class this morning and I am teeeeense. Also since I’m actually writing this the night before I’ve still got some work to do on it so forgive me if this is somewhat rushed.

*New York* *Architecture*
Danger and Intrigue in Cortland Alley
So what fascinates me about geography and architecture, and what ScoutingNY is really good at, is this sense of a story in a totally static place. This is maybe the best example of that I’ve seen them do yet.

*Comics* *Evil*
Meet the Cuddliest Villains in Training You’ll Ever See
Io9 is correct as usual. They are freakin’ adorable.

*Space* *Anger*
Pluto Related Hate-Mail From Children
I love how upset people get about a ball of ice millions of miles away from us.

*Space* *Weirdness*
Mysterious Radio Waves Emitted From Nearby Galaxy
There is a bizarre burst of energy moving at an apparent sideways velocity of four times the speed of light and science does not have a freaking clue what the hell it is. I love it when science has no clue what’s going on. Nothing against science, it just means it’s usually really interesting.

*Video Games* *Lasers*
Arduino Based Game Controlled by Laser Pointer
Why has nobody thought of this control scheme before? Okay I mean technically lots of people have but let me see the laser if it’s going to be controlled that way. The laser is always the best part!

*Energy* *Geography*
Shining Path
Here is the post you requested where BLDGblog suggests making the soil into a gigantic battery.

*Music* *Awesome*
South Park’s Matt & Trey Launch Mormon Broadway Musical with Avenue Q Co-Creator
I don’t care who I have to kill I’m getting preview tickets for this show.

*Animals* *Art*
A B Sea
This is freakin adorable.

*Animals* *Conquering Death*
In The End, There Can be Only Jellyfish
Oh hey there’s a species of jellyfish that may be naturally immortal. Yet another reason Jellyfish FREAK ME THE FUCK OUT.

Webcomics Roundup
T-Rex has discovered the future of genre fiction.

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