Other Ten Percent 12/1/10

Dec 01 2010

Hey guys, let’s do this thing up like’s it’s december now. BECAUSE IT IS.

*History* *Disaster*
Sinking Ships, Exploding Airships, and Collapsing Bridges: The Dumbest Engineering Disasters
Woah this is…thorough.

*Economic Woes* *Metal*
DIY Metallurgists Liberate and Scrap America’s Vital Telephony Substrate
Well this is just a BUNDLE of metaphors about the present American condition.

*Interior Design* *Lighting*
Stationary Cinema
I would have no practical use for this but I still want it.

*Clocks* *Junk*
Richard Birkett’s “Fantasy Clocks” From Old Mechanical Detritus
These I don’t want so much but they still look cool.

*Revolution* *The Internet*
Julian Assange and the Computer Conspiracy; “To destroy this invisible government”
I…guys holy crap I don’t know why there isn’t more talk about this article because it is sort of theoretically amazing and practically terrifying. Julian Assange has come up with a totally effective strategy for destroying the nation-state except I don’t think he’s even figured out that that’s what this is going to end up doing yet. Seriously, no matter where you stand on the wikileaks stuff, if you are bored with it or angry about it or just whatever, READ THIS. In a hundred years people are going to teach this idea in history textbooks and nobody is paying attention to it. Plus there’s a reference to The Wire that seems really goofy but is totally accurate in the middle of it so that’s something.

*Action Stars* *Games*
Vin Diesel Reveals his RPG Roots
I always forget he’s a nerd and then laugh really hard when I rediscover it.

*Neurology* *History*
Portraits of the Mind
Here is a boingboing piece on the history of photographing the brain.

*Evolution* *Annoyances*
Why we Hiccup
Biology is weird.

*Architecture* *Ecology*
The Tower of Droplets
God this looks like concept art for a terrifying Disney ride.

Webcomics Roundup
Pictures for Sad Children brings you Sad Person and Bro.

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