Other Ten Percent 11/30/10

Nov 30 2010

So close to December: the month where all the terrible shit I avoided in November comes due. I am thinking positive.

*Music* *Journalism*
Kanye West Project Runaway
So I know some of you are probably sick of hearing about Kanye West at this point but I still find him fascinating. Fascinating enough that I find this article about his methodology intriguing despite how insufferably Complex-magaziney it is.

*Comedy* *Death*
Leslie Nielsen, the Best Movie Lines
Normally I just skip celebrity deaths but man, Leslie Nielsen, surely you can’t be serious.

*Science* *Crime-Fighting*
The Neuroscientist who Busted Criminals, Destroyed Opium Pipes and Invented the Retinal Scanner
If I had to guess what period the current era of American history will most likely be compared to I’d have to go with prohibition. Which is yet another reason Boardwalk Empire is awesome.

*The Internet* *Breaking Things*
Four Horsemen of the Internet Apocalypse: Cohen, Fanning, Johansen and Frankel
I wonder sometimes if breaking systems in ways that don’t result in any significant loss of life is our generation’s form of protest now that nonviolent resistance has been pretty much internalized by the system and is basically toothless. Though what’s striking about these guys is how steadfastly apolitical they find their actions despite mostly being really political dudes otherwise. Which may another be a reason why it all worked so well.

*Feminism* *Violence*
Bolivia’s Women Wrestlers
this is just awesomely weird.

*Work* *Not Work*
Why Work Doesn’t Happen at Work
Man, tell me about it. The most productive hours of my day are my walk to and from downtown lately.

*Art* *Comics*
Andy Warhol as Robin
I sorta like that in recent years people seem to be rediscovering that Warhol was a really weird nerd.

*Music* *Steampunk*
Steam Powered Record Player
Because if you’re going to embrace obsolete tech to listen to music you’d might as well go all out.

*Music* *Work*
Office Music Democratizer
I really want to figure out how to work this into a party context properly.

Webcomics roundup
Here’s the slice of life Wolverine comic you’ve been requesting.There’s more to one page of it in case you’re disappointed by just finding a picture of Wolverine in a bath robe.

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