Other Ten Percent 11/29/10

Nov 29 2010

Four day weekends weird me out. I’m not going to try and get rid of them or anything but the timing sorta screws me up because I keep thinking it’s only a three day weekend and then going “oh wait I have a whole extra day to do this in, I’m fine.” Then an hour later I forget again and kinda freak out. Anyway that’s why I’m doing this on saturday.

*History* *Science Fiction*
The Greatest Inventions Nikola Tesla Never Created
The greatest thing about OTP being mostly a reblogging project is that it’s not that I’M obsessed with Tesla, it’s just been a Tesla heavy week on the internet.

*Infographics* *Health*
Vitamin D
Man, I totally need to remember to eat more fish in the winter. Because I get the SADs pretty bad when the sun is not out when I wake up OR when I get out of work.

*Flight* *Plants*
First Strike Reforestation
Dropping trees out of airplanes seems like my kind of environmentalism, if only somebody could relate it to Hellboy 2. Oh you can? THANKS BLDGBlog.

*Computer Science* *Biology*
Bioencryption can Store Almost a Million Gigabytes of Data inside Bacteria
I wonder how much data you could store re-writing the trash DNA in the human body. I mean none of that stuff should effect the protein shell on any of your cells so in theory you SHOULD be able to do it without having your immune system go haywire and try to kill you. Science Fiction novel premise of the day.

*Augmented Reality* *Video*
Augmented Reality Seeper and Kinect
Oh christ, interactive projection mapping. This is seriously what like half of all public spaces are going to look like in fifty years. Then we’ll load our music that we have stored in our trash DNA onto the speakers built into these things and have a party.

*Television* *Literature*
Richard Castle’s Elaborate Fiction
Fake television book author as fake/real author on real book tour. Book tour as performance art.

*History* *Science Fiction*
Before he Wrote Candide, Voltaire Helped Pioneer Science Fiction
http://io9.com/5699717/voltaires-secret-career-as-a-science-fiction-writerDID YOU KNOW: Voltaire was awesome?

*Presidential History* *Dolphin Teleportation*
Dolphin Teleportation Symposium: Now With More Eisenhowers
Oh man I love everything about this.

*Watches* *Just Watches*
Tokyoflash Brings RPM LED Wristwatch Concept to Reality (Video)
As much as I want this Tokyoflash watch, (wanting it level: very) I sometimes worry that they’re the watch equivalent of ties with pictures on them and that I’ll buy it and then never be able to convince other people that it’s awesome.

Webcomics Roundup
Meanwhile, if anybody tries to tell me that this isn’t awesome after I buy it THEY CAN SUCK IT.

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