Other Ten Percent 11/26/10

Nov 26 2010

Okay I’ve been drinking a bit but I think we’ve got enough links for this. Let’s give it a try. Also i’m writing the start of this on an iPad just to see if it’s possible. Seems to be going okay so far. …Well it did go okay and then I got home and forgot to finish the post so this is going up a bit late. Won’t happen again.

*The Future* *Computers*
Kinect Hack Lets You Control a Web Browser Using Only the Force
I blogged a similar thing for PCWorld the other day. How is it that game developers found basically nothing to do with the Kinect and yet random hackers are like creating fully formed interfaces from the future using the thing in like two days?

*Art* *Fabric*
Gabriel Dawe
Okay this is pretty awesome looking even if it is, as the kids say, pretty teh gay. Also, as far as I know, no relation.

*Japan* *Public Transit*
Nun Warns Giant Against Rushing the Tokyo Subway Doors
So that’s one problem solved.

*Astronomy* *History*
Our Sun is a Comet Napper
Why are humans such jerks? We learned it from you sun. WE LEARNED IT FROM YOU.

*Japan* *Animation*
Mashup of the Day
So you know those shots you see over and over again in different shows and movies? Japan has those too. Watch on to see everything you need to know about Anime in like 4 minutes.

*History* *Technology*
How Ma Bell Shelved the Future for 60 Years
And that’s the story of how unchecked industry always leads to increased innovation. Wait, what?

*Money* *Timepieces*
$1.2M Accordioning Brass Musical Watch
I feel like the designer on this was just like “how many ridiculous adjectives can I add to a watch?

*Japan* *Robots*
The Differences Between American and Japanese Robots
Imagine a society that invents robots without the subconscious fear that robots will eventually gain autonomy and take over. Congratulations you just imagined Japan.

*Video* *Public Transportation*
Lights Out of the Day
Slow motion footage of people at a train station. It’s pretty.

Webcomics Roundup
XKCD has been doing guest comics this week and they’re kinda better than the real thing.

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